Thursday, November 30, 2006

Self-combusting lights

When I came to the office on Monday my light was not working. We got these rather interesting uplighters that make an awful noise when you switch them on. First time I turned them on I was sure they were going to explode!

So dutifully following the procedure for anything that doesn't work I emailed one of the admin girls who emailed one of the estates people to report the broken lightbulb. The following day, in the middle of another exiting artcile I was reading the man from the estates with a lovely geordie accent comes to fix it. He changes the lightbulb...nothing happens...he turns the switch on an off...still not working!!! And it gets dark early up here so I need my light!

So he climbs up on the ladder again and starts taking my light to pieces (alongside I get a running commentary of how much trouble these lights are, the lightbubs are £35 each to replace etc). Finally he comes to the conclusion that it had shorted (or something to similar effect) and the fuse box has melted. As he needs to get a new part he can't fix it today so he tapes it up according to all health and safety regurlations and promises to come back tomorrow.

The next day he duly appears, fixes my light and this time it works. Just to cheer me up (or scare me even more about these lights) he tells that he had a call from office on the first floor and instead of just melting the fuse box the whole thing had gone up in flames and exploded!!! It is a dangerous life working in an office, if it is not papercuts or nasty staplers that are out to get you, it is the lights!!!!

PS: Have you ever heard of picking up rasberries in November? It is not just me who thinks it is mild!!!

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