Monday, November 06, 2006

Part II Church hunting

We had a pretty good weekend. David had borrowed a large format camera (negative size 10cm compared to the standard negative of 35mm) so off we went to yorkshire Dales again. We went to Swaledale and Wensleydale, saw lots of beautiful scenery and took 4 pictures (it costs £4/negative to get them developed). Moses also approved our choice of location and very happily ran around madly.
Unfortunately we failed to find a pub that was happy to let dogs in so we experienced what it is like to eat outside in England in November. In hindsight we probably should have ordered tea instead of lemonade as my fingers got a bit chilly but there is nothign a pair of mittens can't solve. The locals were building the bonfire for guy falkes on the square outside the pub, it was quite fun to follow all these little kids carrying branches bigger than themselves on the pile.
On Sunday we went to church. This time it was a new frontiers one & we could actually hear ourselves think. The talk was good but worship was very different than we are use to. But on a scale form 1 to 10 it was 10 times better than our last effort. And the people were very nice and friendly so they could be a possibility depending on how rest of the churches turn out to be. We do have bit of a problem on their stand on women's role (or lack of it rather) on leadership though.
We had lovely bacon and egg sandwiches prepared by David for lunch (the first meal David ever cooked for me was b&e sandwich :) In the afternoon we took the dog out on the town moor (this huge cow field in the city centre) and on the way back we saw a bonfire that had got a bit out of hand in someones backyard...very small backyard...the flames were 2 meters above the wall! There was a happy'ish ending as we saw fire engine arrive and save the house just as we were leaving.
It was my lucky day yesterday as David cooked a dinner as well :) We also watched a fun film over the weekend, someone at work mentioned about it so I got curious. It's called Goal and it is set in Newcastle and you can see the beach that is going to be close to our new house on it. It's all about football but it has got a relatively good (but little bit cheesy) storyline to it and you get to see lots of scenes from Newcastle.


Nikki said...

hi guys, warm here today i was wearing a t shirt out and about!! have just finished christmas cake it is in the oven, not any other news am now off to tidy house it looks like a bombs hit it, took her majesty swimming today she was doing underwater dives!!! adios nikki

The Lindseys said...

mmmm...Christmas cake...mmmmm...that soudns really good? Which recipe did you use?