Monday, November 20, 2006

Newcastle-Plymouth-Beaconsfield/Seer Green-Newcastle

We went to Plymouth over the weekend and added total of 970 miles to the tank's already high mileage. Drive down was good when David was driving but hte moment we swapped and I started driving the heavens opened and htere was terential rains with tons of spray on the road for the next 3 hours :( but we got to Plymouth in one piece.

We stayed with Paul & Nikki for the night. It was really nice to catch up. I got the honour of reading Abi's bedtime story :) Once the girls were asleep we had lovely dinner and chatted etc. We've really missed having dinner with friends (as we haven't made that many friends yet up here...snif, snif...)

In the mornign Nathan cooked us breakfast. So we got to catch up with him and got cooked breakfast - what more could you ask! Moses had developed an eye infection so we had to take him to the vets for that (paid lots of money, got some eye-ointment thatseems to be working). Rest of the morning was spent cleaning the house and taking the cooker out. When David put the kitchen in, he did rather good job at it, and the gas-hose was very solildly positioned behind one of the cupboards - now there is a neat little drillhole on the side of the cupboard...

We had planned to see Tony for lunch but he had to work so instead we made a considerable reduction in Nikki's chocolate spread stock...chocolate spread on toast....yammee :)

After taking the pooch for a walk we drove up to Rob & Gaenors arriving there when it was the girls bathtime, I am jeaolous of their extensive bath toy collection, Anna has a fish that squirts water, a crab that squirts water, a whale that squirts water...and I got very wet as I had nothing.

On Sunday morning we got woken up by Anna and Rebekkah chattering away and playing together which was really sweet. After breakfast we went to church and saw Gaenor vicaring which was really nice. It's the first time we've seen her 'in action'. We had a lovely lunch in the vicarage prepared by the vicar herself and some delicious stewed apples for pudding.

Drive back was good and we got to Newcastle at sensible time. We had some dinner, watched love actually na ddrank some german wine that was really nice. (we've been on a mission to find some german wine for a while and found this one in oddbins and it's really nice)

We enjoyed our weekend, a bit tired after doing lots of driving but it was so nice to see friends. Moses enjoyed the visit as well...he got to snif around in three different kitchens for crumbs...he got to say hello to both of the old ladies who use to take him for a walk...he chased a squirrel in the woods...

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