Thursday, November 30, 2006

Laura to the rescue

'Oh, I've got the test today and I don't know where the piece of paper is' were pretty much the first words (or the jist of them) David uttered this morning. I was a bit baffled to start with, i.e. what test, what paper...but it turns out it's the day for his dyslexia test*, it's at 9am (it was 7.02 at this point) and he has no idea where the piece of paper with the directions is!!!
I think David had these visions of being totally lost and not knowing where to go but thankfully I had couple of weeks ago had a vaguely organised moment and put all the papers floating about the coffee table in three different folders -the house we are buying, dyslexia, everything else - and I was able to produce a folder that I had even labeled with everything in a neat pile inside including the piece of paper with the directions.
The panic was over and we could have our morning cup of tea in peace**.
* despite having received 1-to-1 tuition at school, receiving assistance (=computer&books) at Plymouth uni for being dyslexic and having 10-page long detailed dyslexia report David has to go and do some more tests with educational psychologists in order for them to be sure that he is dyslexic....and then they wonder where all the goverment money goes
** if Moses running around like lunatic wanting to play wiht us and generally not understanding the importance of sitting in your bed and havign a cup of tea first thing in the morning can be classed as peace

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