Thursday, November 02, 2006

It is (still) getting colder...

It was chilly this morning...very very chilly. The heating went on 30 minutes before we got up and it was only 16 degrees by the time we woke up. It took lots of courage to get out of hte bed to make a cup of tea and feed the pooch. Thankfully the heating system is good so after turning the temperature up it didn't take too long untill the temperature was warm enough to poke my nose outside the duvert. But we didn't have any snow storms like Scandinavia - they did promise some sleet in the scottish highlands though!
We had a session on Myers Briggs yesterday in the research meeting in the school. It was fun and we even got to do the questionnaire rather than jsut hearing about it. I hadn't changed since I last did it and was still an INFP. I think David is either ENFP or ENFT, not totally sure.
After doing the questionnaire we did some exercises based on our personality types and it was really interesting to see the differences between the groups. In the first one we were shown a picture for couple of seconds and then we discussed about it in the groups for couple of minutes, after that all the groups told what they saw. My group went for the touchy feely things - it was colourful, friendly etc and we even remembered some details whereas other groups remembered all the details but didn't really articulate the athmosphere of the picture.
David did a gallery visit with his course yesterday to Bradford. He seemed to enjoy it which is good and he even have to write a critique on the exhibition!!! Degree in photography is not just about taking pictures??? It is only 500 words so I guess we can forgive the lecturer (but htey do have to write 3 of them in the course of the semester...)
On the house front we are still waiting to hear back the results for all the quotes people in Plymouth have to have done. So far the electrics test has come back saying it's all fine :)
We did little bit of exploration over the weekend when David's parents & Amy came up. It was really nice to see them. We went to the Northumberland national park and Kielder water. David and I manage to leave our digital camera hanging on the fence pole and we only realised an hour later when we were about to go and have pub lunch in some little village in the scottish borders. After lunch we drove back on the windy little roads to Kielder water and thankfully some little girl had handed it into the visitors centre! So there are still some honest and good people in this world :)
We often think that our guardian angels work over time with us and our possessions. We have left the car unlocked so many times (by accident) with a) wallet b) mobile phone c) digital camera d) all of the above on the front seat (both in Plymouth and up here) and miraculously nothing has disappeared. I did once leave the car keys on the front seat of the car and it was still there when we got back - it was the micra, which might be part of the reason why it hadn't disappeared.
If anyone wants to buy a car, we have one for sale (and it comes with extra angels as a standard feature) We are selling the passat (insurance is too much for our student budget) and it is too big for nipping in and out of town. It's just had an MOT & it has 6 months tax. Please buy it!!! It is very reliable & big - there is nothing you can't fit in that car.

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