Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hide and seek

Moses has been learning a new skill over the last week or so. He is becoming the expert in hide and seek. When we go for a walk he usually likes to run infront of us so one of us has an amble opportunity to go and hide behind the trees. When he comes back the other one of us who didn't hide says Go, find and off Moses goes. He is getting pretty good at that. He usually runs back to the last place where he saw the hiding person and works from there.
Another variation of the same game is indoor hide & seek. Due to the slight confounding factor that Moses can't count, I throw a ball to the kitchen (which is in the back of hte house) and while he is getting the ball I go and hide in one of the other rooms. He is pretty good at it and he seems to love it. The only problem is that he is getting quite fast at getting the ball from the kitchen whereas my speed of running has not increased much ;) But we have good time playing which is the main thing.
It looks like we are finally coming to a agreement on the price of the house in Plymouth. Our fears of having to sell the house for the price the surveyor downvalued it to haven't materialised (but it is less than the original asking price). So the good news is we should be able to pay David's tuition fees :)
I had an email from my dad and he told me it has been really cold in Finland...-23 degrees! And the little lake by their house is frozen over already. It hasn't been anything that cold here, I wish but there is not even any sign of snow :(
PS: The dental students common room is called Bridge and crown - wouldn't Floss and brush would be a bit more catchy?
PPS: ma leivoin eilen kardemummakakkua...naminami...
PPPS: there is no real reason why the photo is in the beginning, I just saw it on the BBC news website yesterday and liked it.

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