Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Christmas present?

I have found the perfect gift for David for Christmas, they had an article about it on the BBC website and I think it would save me lots of time...usually when David looses keys/wallet my help is requested. And boys usually like gadgets so that's like hitting two birds with one stone!But as it costs $99 I might have to leave it and get somethin else instead.
I'm really looking forwards to Christmas and lots of snow :) We are flying to Finland in less than a month now...jippiii!!!
We bought Moses a new toy yesterday. He used to have a squeeqy bone but he chewed it to pieces so we thought he's need a new toy. They didn't have any squeeqy toys in Sainsbury's so we got this funny lemon shaped and coloured hollow rubber ball for him (you can put some pate etc inside there andit issuppose to keep the dog occupied for hours when he tries to lick it off). We didn't have nay pate but he didn't seem to mind. Everytime we walked past him he moved away as he thought we were going to take his precious new toy away from him...he nearly even skipped his dinner as he was so exited about it!
David has had his first pieces of course work back and he has done really well, he got an A+ for his portrait collection and B & C for other pieces of work!

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