Thursday, November 23, 2006

Casino Royale

As it was Wednesday yesteray we went to cinema and surprisingly saw the new Bond film. We'd planned to go for 8 o'clock show but there were only single seats left, same for the 8.30 so we went for the 9pm and spent an hour or so looking around this huge bookshop that is close to the cinema (and is open untill 10pm!!!)

We loved it. It took a while to get used to Bond with blond hair but he was brilliant. It had all you want in a bond film, classic lines, pretty girls, twist in a story, fast cars, explosions, villain who looks like villain, beautiful scenery...only thing it didn't have was a carchase...probably just to make up for the last one that didn't really have much else than car chase in it ;) And the critics seem to like it as well.

And Judi Dench was excellent as M (not really a surprise). Actually the acting was really good all around. Someone at work made a comment that Bond had turned emotional (which is obvioulsy bad if you are 00) so I kind of expected it to be 'emotional' but it wasn't, it was brilliant! I guess he was a bit more in touch with his feelings than before but it jsut fitted in the story very well.

We thoroughly recommend it!


Nikki said...

hi birds just to say we saw the new bond film last night and really liked it as well, it must have been good as i said after the last terrible bond i wouldnt see another bond film.....but yep it was brilliant..... the only bad thing was going on the 2 for 1 wednesday night it was like wait in this que and this queue etc but it was worth it in the end!!! went to complain about the buildings that are proposed in central park tonight and felt much better for ranting at a couple of the crappy town planners about how they have ruined plymouth etc!!! have been wanting to do that since we moved here and did say that a friend in newcastle said there is much more swimming poools up there so they should improve pavillions pool and build more central park pools rather than desecrate the park anyway will mail again soon adios amigos!!! keep the faith !!! ps on that note got any church visits planned for sunday???nikki

The Lindseys said...

hmmm...i left a comment but somehow manage to loose it?!? I hope the council planners listened to you - I can't believe they are seriously thinking of building in the central park!

We've got couple of churches on our list but not sure which one we'll try this week, probably the one hat starts 11 rather than 10.30 ;)

Sergio Lewis said...

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