Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The wall is hollow, hurrah hurrah hurrah

...or so we think anyway....we went to see our house-to-be again today and it is still lovely. We have been dreaming and planning the kitchen and how we'd do it. The best plan we've come up with is knowcking the wall through to the dining room and having a breakfast room...but we thought that the wall between kitchen and the dining room is solid/load bearing wall = costs a lot of money to get rid of it (which we haven't got).
When we went to see the house today just to measure some things we knocked on the wall in question and it is hollow, or rather it sounds hollow. And if that is the case we'll have our dream kitchen sooner rather than later :) And we'd also get to knock a wall down in the process and don't have to pay for someone else to do it!
It was a bit nippy here this morning, my fingers got a bit chilly cycling in but apart from that it was a nice and clear autumnal morning in Newcastle and all the Notherners on David's course were complaining how cold it was!!!


Anonymous said...

It is cold in York too. It's officially winter now. Mittens out and so will the jumpers now. Brrr work was cold.I had a cold hand at work,which doesn't help whan you work at a computer.The north is you will find out!

The Lindseys said...

I rummaged through the house to find my mittens this is still cold but so far I am enjoying it :)