Friday, October 13, 2006


It looks like we are getting the house - the other people didn't offer more money :) so we are very very exited but are facced with the hassle of getting a mortgage which is a bit complicated as neither one of us works...thankfully we have larger than the standard 5% deposit thanks to our last house. We've been to see our mortgage girl Wendy twice this week and she sent of the application paper work yesterday so early next week we'll now if the application has gone through or if we have to come up with a plan B & experience lots more stress!
Unfortunately the people who are buying our house in Plymouth have found a very mean surveyor (who must have had a bad day when he went to view our house) and he has come up with a long long list of things that are wrong with the house and recommending/demanding a rather big reduction in the price :( which means we are not going to have money to do up the kitchen as we had planned (any donations are welcome) and that the whole process is taking much longer as they have to get various quotes etc before they can get a mortgage and then we have to negotiate a new price.
This week has been a funny one, apart from the house it hasn't been that exiting. We thought of changing Moses' food to a new one. So we bought some of the new stuff and started mixing it with his old food as you are suppose to. We soon found out that Moses' body did not agree with the new food at all, we tried couple of days and it just didn't get any better so we decided to stick with the old food. If anyone would like to buy a bag of chicken and brown rice flavoured dog food we have nearly full one going cheap ;)
But the good news is, we have found nice pet shop (which is surprisingly difficult to do) and also vets. Moses hasn't been wormed for a while so we thought it would be good idea to do so. After seeing the mortgage girl in Whitley Bay we popped into the petshop to ask if they knew any vets locally. There was one up the road, quite close to our house-to-be so off we went.
The veterinary nurse was very chatty & had a lovely norhtern accent. She had some bordercollies herself so she got very exited of the idea of meeting Moses! They only do worm & flea stuff as prescription so we have to take Moses in today to get checked over before they give the tablets. Oddly, Moses loves going to the vets (because they give him treats) so that should be fun, and he gets very exited when he meets new could be interesting, thankfully he has pretty much got over wetting himself when he gets exited (he only does it now if he has been in the car for a long long time, i.e. Newcastle to Dorset)
David got to play around with some large format cameras on his course yesterday so he was very happy. They went to the Quayside and took some pictures. He couldn't wait a whole week for developing the film so he asked the lecturer if he could do it today which he was fine about. So David's day is consisting of developing the large format film with the lecturer, developing couple of other rolls of film, taking Moses to the vet and going to the beach and taking some pictures. One of his assignments is to take a portrait and as we don't really know many people here I get the honour of posing for the pictures.
Haven't really got anything much planned for the weekend. Hopefully will see a friend & her boyfriend who I know from school. They are studying in Leeds and are coming to see a another person (from our school) who is also living in Newcastle. Small world to have 4 people from the same year & school in foreign country living relatively close to each other! David thinks is the Scandinavians secret attempt to take over England again after the vikings didn't manage to rule here forever.

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