Monday, October 09, 2006

No sleep :(

We got back about 9.20 last night and thought we would have a nice early night...but unfortunately teh unruly kids who live upstairs had other thoughts (or their paretns have very different thought about what time to put a 2-year old toddler to bed than we do). So we had a nice cup of tea when we got home, brushed our teeth, put our pjs on and pulled the duvert on and closed our eyes in order to get some well earned rest after drving for 6+ hours (we did total of 970 miles over the weekend).
We had both been looking forwards to having a good night sleep (=long, peaceful & quiet) but the for the next two hours we had army of kids jumping, shouting and screaming pretty much solidly...every now and then you get fooled into thinking that they have finally fallen a sleep but then they start again.
So what do you???
a) bang on the wall/ceiling - next door neighbour on the left did that
b) shout - David did that
c) bang on the wall again - next door neighbour on the right did that
d) go and knock on their door and tell them to be quiet - no one did that as they don't speak any English apart from yes and no (we have tried)
And the change = no peace & quiet => no sleep
So here is the challenge for all you guys - we would be extremely grateful for any ideas on how you get your upstairs neighbours to realise that 22.30 is not a time to start putting kids to bed and that they are causing 3 other households not to sleep. We've already tried all of the above as well as getting our landlord to talk to them and their social worker/council person to talk to them and none of them have worked and we are really running low on ideas, neighbourly love and patience.
And if that wasn't enough...they got up at 5:50am, thankfully David didn't wake up so he got a bit more sleep than I did. Moses snoored through happily all of this :)
On a bit happier note. Have you heard about spoof nobel prices organised by the improbable research society, I quite often get comments about the silly things academics research and how out of touch with the real world the academic community is...some of the projects on the improbable research website have been real research projects...I can fully understand how finding out why chichken prefer pretty people is not probably the most necessary and important research topic ;)


The Lindseys said...

PS: What about earplugs? Do you think they would work???

Nikki said...

what i would do is say to your landlord about the situation, and that it is unacceptable and unless it is sorted you are looking for somewhere else to live, after all that is the advantage of living in rented accomodation. or you could ask what language they speak and go on babel fish and get a written statement about their kids or point go up when the kids are being noisy and point at them and try to make them understand etc or you could always move back to plymouthe there is a h&m and zara here now!!! noisy neighbours are not goood i know the other night the 18 month old next door was left to cry for an hour at about 2am which was not good!!! we have our own noisy neighbour here as olivia is still waking in the night.... anyway will mail again nikki

The Lindseys said...

I think babel fish is probably more practical option than moving back to Plymouth...especially as there are nice shops here to try - David can't wait for the sales (they have jigsaw (for men) here)