Thursday, October 26, 2006

NHS for the animals

When Moses had his operation he had these stiches that just melted away, and it all seemed to be healing very well...but last week or so we noticed this little sore looking area and it has just got worse and worse. And it doesn't help the matters that he keeps licking it.
So we went to the vets again - second time in two weeks or so! That dog does not know how to behave on public places, he gets so exited by every furry thing or human who comes throught he door that he starts whining and wants to go and say hello to everyone. It can be very embarrishing especially if everyone else has well behaved dogs or some little animals that can be contained in their cages!
The long and short of it was that it's some post-operation skin irritation and he got prescribed weeks worth of antibiotics (they are pink) and antiflammatory tablets (which apparently smell like chicken). And it was expensive!!! We could have ordered a very nice case of wine for the price of the tablets and the consultation.
We were so shocked and couldn't believe how much it cost just for some antibiotics and then it dawned on us that there is no NHS for the dogs that subsidices the cost of prescriptions. Or rather that's why human prescriptions are so much cheaper. I guess there is at least some benefits in paying taxes!
So if anyone is short of prayer topics here is 2:
- Moses would get healed really quickly
- God would send us lots of money (so we can pay for his medicine and the new lino that needs to be put in the kitchen)


Nikki said...

i thought mongrel type dogs like yours were supposed to be more healthy than our other friends posh designer chocolate labrador style puppy so after this hopefully he'll be fine... you could have always tried using some kooky but free remendy on it like lavender oil or tea tree oil but i suppose you have the antibiotics now reminds me of the alanis morrisette lyric "how bout getting off all these antibiotics....." maybe you could have just have given him some cheap chicken as its supposed to have lots of antibiotics in.... anyway, adios nikki ps think david and you should go to granada in spain to take photos .... very good for it i think.... now off to newton ferrers to do walk abi has gone off with megan for the day!!! when asked what she wanted to do she said eat icecream!!! cheeky miss!! nikki

Anonymous said...

I am a working sheepdog, not a mongrel! But I guess I was bred for my brains and quickness not for my looks. I like the chicken smelling tablets so I am very happy that my master and mistress went for them instead of lavender's not very masculine!

I hope you enjoyed the walk, it's one of my favourites. When I was very little and my m&m took me there I found this lovely cow poo pile and rolled in it, what a delight...m&m were very rude to me after that, they didn't want to pat me or cuddle me and I got washed when I got home...these humans have no sense of smell. Who in their right mind would choose lavender over lovely cow pile?