Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Monkey business

I am sure someone could do a research project on the posters academics have on their walls. Over the last couple of years I have come across all sorts of funny things people decorate their offices in addition to the required wall full of books & files. I saw a hilarious printout of Bush being compared to chimpanzees and it was really really amusing...unless you are a vervent Bush supporter I guess. And good old google found me the website where they were from so that you can admire them as well!
We are still very exited about our new house to be and how close it is to the sea :) And there is a chippy (which I've probably mentioned before), cute teahouse and coffeeshop, some other nice looking shops, Sainsbury's and a pub (an official goverment requirement for any village or town in England to be considered habitable...) all within a walking distance and what is even better the metro station is just around the corner so we don't need to have any more arguements/slight disagreements about who is drinking and who is driving if we are going out - we can just take the metro.


Nikki said...

hi thought i would please lara and try to leave a comment on your blog.... so we shall see if i manage it... abi is all happy as she is going to be going to nursery with isaac for some sessions next year... i have an interview next month if i get it then i fill in the application form so we shall see i had to give the research job a miss as it involved to much child care expense hope your weekend is ok, dave can get nostalgic now as we r doing diy or supposed to be doing diy nikkixxx

The Lindseys said...

Unfortunately we got some diy to do as well...Moses somehow managed to chew up and tear the lino in the kitchen!!! Pretty much all of it! So we are off to buy some lino tonight and putting it in (the landlord said he is happy for us to paint etc so we hope he wont mind new lino...