Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The House

We went to see the house yesterday as mentioned earlier in the midst of the exitement of the hollow wall. We took the digital camera with us so that we could take some pics of the house to show everyone who is willing to look at them.

Here is the back of the house, the little extension is the kitchen
and the french doors go to the dining room.

Here is the hall from top of hte landing.

The front room with a huge bay window where the sofa will be going or Christmas tree depending on time of the year :)

This is the dining room/breakfast room to be - you can'r really see much but it is really nice and light and will look so gorgeous once we knock the wall down...

And here is the back garden. It is not big but it is a garden. It's got these huge borders all around which we are going to make smaller and increase the lawn, plants some fan trained apples trees along the wall and lots of other things...

PS: we can't wait to move in

PPS: we still need to get the mortgage arranged and the house in Plymouth sold but we are really really exited regardless

PPPS: we will be having a knock-the-wall down party


Nikki said...

may have to start leaving messages annonomously as i feel i have been leaving too many messages recently..... garden looks good house looks good too is it bigger than your other house in plymouth? took the girls swimming this am with the cousins and T&K am knackered now.... anyway will mail again sometime nikki

The Lindseys said...

I wouldn't go anonymous Nikki, I like reading your messages (but I guess if you were anonymous I would still be able to guess it's you)

The house is bigger than the one in Plymouth but not huge, it was built in 1928 so it's more square than our old house. It's got 3 bedrooms but the 3rd one is tiny and Davids has announced that he is going to turn it into a darkroom so technically we'll only have 2 bedrooms...