Monday, October 16, 2006

The Finnish invasion

It was really nice to see my old school friend/s. We met Sanna in town on Saturday, did a bit of shopping, had a coffee and then picked up the dog and went for a walk on the beach. In the evening we cooked a curry and chatted away and then after dinner we met her boyfriend and another finnish boy (who both also went to the same school, than we did) for drinks.
It was really random sitting in a pub in deepest darkest Newcastle and speaking English to 3 Finnish people (for the benefit of David). I can safely say we were the blondest table in the room! I also heard very good explanation from Sanna on why people think of blondes the way they do, the reason is the blondes are the only ones who ask the questions that are bothering them, everyone else is too afraid to ask and that's why people think blondes don't know anything.
The next day we had very lazy day. We had our usual morning cup of tea and spent a long time planning how we would do up the garden in our new house and anything else that needed doing in the house. Sanna and the boys popped over to drop a book in the afternoon (when we were about to take the pooch for a walk) and stayed for a cup of coffee/tea. When they were leaving I came out to show on the map what's the best way for them to drive back so all 4 of us were crowding around this one map and all the locals were very curious to see 4 people each blonder than the other so we got quite a few stares which was amusing.
It is starting to feel quite wintery here, we went for a walk on the fields somewhere outside Newcaslte and it was so misty and miserable that I was hoping we had a fireplace and we could come home and sit by the fire drinking a nice cup of hot chocolate. As we didn't have a fireplace we made a cup of tea and had some chocolate instead.

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