Wednesday, October 11, 2006

another sleepless night

We've had another sleepless night, or two in fact, since the noisy kids upstairs episode. We went househunting on Monday. When we were looking for house in Plymouth it tooks us literally months to find a place we liked so we thought finding a house is going to be a long drawn out exercise again.
When we came looking for flat to rent we had lunch in Whitley Bay on the coast and thought it would be really nice place to live in so off we went Monday afternoon going around some of the estate agents in Whitley Bay and we even manage to organise 3 viewings for the same day.
First one had loads and loads of potential and it was stone through away from the sea, David was getting rather exited of the idea of doing this house up, it was definitley a challenge. The second one was quite a bit too small for all of our belongings but it had a big garden. We had little bit of time before we were going to see the last house and we took Moses for a walk on the beach and this time it didn't rain!
And then we went to see the last house and it was perfect. It had a garden, big rooms, original doors, nice neigbourhood and all it needed doing to it was a new kitchen. So we got exited and put an offer in which the owners accpeted (up here the owners do all the viewings ratehr than the estate agents!) but they had another couple coming to see the house later on the same evening so we spent the evening being very worried that they were going to offer more money than we did!
After seeing the third house we got fish and chips and parked the car buy the see and still couldn't really believe what had happened, we'd seen three houses and found a really really lovely one straight away! So we didn't get too much sleep that night, we were both thinking of the house. At 3am we were both awake and it turned out we had both been thinking of how we'd do the kitchen and if we could do a similar knock through to the dining room than Dan & Lil had in Exeter!
Last night it looked like that we were going to get a good night sleep, the other people hadn't offered more money (not htat we know of it anyway) so we didn't have to worry about that, we had replanned the kitchen and the kids upstairs were we dozed off happily...and slept happily untill 1.30am when a car alarm went of outside - thankfully it was our car alarm so we could turn it (there is nothing more annoying than car alarm going of for hours in the night) but it meant we had to get out of the bed, find the keys etc and after it took me a longtime to get back to sleep.
So that was our third sleepless night in a row :( I don't think the middle one counts though, it's quite nice being so exited that you can't sleep! So now we are hoping and praying (and would be very grateful if you do the same:) that
- our house sale in Plymouth goes through as quickly as possible
- all the arrangements in this end go smoothly especially getting mortgage etc
- our landlord doesn't mind us moving out before the 6 months contract is up

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