Sunday, September 10, 2006

The tour of Finland, part III the city -completed

On Thursday we went to see friends of ours in Espoo who have just had a little baby girl called Nelly Amelie Pihlajatar. It was fun to catch up them and see them parenting :) The baby did lots of crying but was still very lovely.

In the evening we went to a restaurant with my brother. It does traditional finnish food and is decorated in the 60's style, you could just imagine being in Russia during the cold war. I had meatballs and David had panfried herrings. After the meal we went for a coffee in lovely cafe in Senaatintori. On the way there we got trenched in terrential rain.

I was going to allow myself to have a hot chocolate with cream, I usually try to be good and avoid it...but they had run out of cream :( It kind of stopped raining and all three of us walked back to granny's where my uncle had popped in for a visit. We had some more tea etc with him.

On Friday we went to an exhibition in the cultural museum about the monastic life in the Athos mountain in Greece with one of my sisters. Lots of icons and crosses. They had a rather amazing chandelier, it must have been 5m in diameter and the same in hight and it held church candle size candles in it. They also had recreated part of a monastry chapel, the dining room and munk's bedroom. We saw some bibles and icons that dated back more than 1000 years which was pretty incredible.

In the evening David wanted to take some pictures of Helsinki, otherwise we would have lobbed the tripod and camera gear for nothing...he tried some fun shots at the evening time with lights and trams going past. In the night we went out with my cousins for a drink to a place where their friends were playing. We used to be really good friends when we were little because we are so similar age but haven't seen them for a while so it was good to catch up.

On Saturday we did some shopping in the morning. We found a pair of shoes for David, the old pair had pretty much died. I got a dvd of a film I wanted to see for a while. We also got a present for David's brothers birthday. David loves shopping in Finland, in all the shops you get free gift wrapping and you usually even have choice of wrapping papers and string. My sisters came over as well before we left and two of them walked down to the station with us.

We had bit of a nightmarish flight back. Our big suitcase was 25kg (5+ over the limit) and the man asked us to repack, regardless of the fact that our other suitcase was only 14kg and pretty girl in front of us had 30+kg and he let her through with no problems! Everytime we fly ryanair we say we are never gonna fly ryanair again but somehow we end up flying with them again but this time I think it really was a last time!

So in Helsinki
We saw
- 1 granny, 3 sisters, 1 brother, 1 uncle, 1 auntie and 2 cousins
- friends and their very cute baby

And we
- had coffees & hot chocolates in nice cafes
- did some shopping (not enough though due to lack of funds)
- ate some nice food
- saw some sights
- thought we could actually live in Helsinki

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