Thursday, September 07, 2006

The tour of Finland, part II the City - update

We arrived in Helsinki on Tuesday evening and my oldest younger sister (Hellu) was waiting for us in the station to pick up the cat. I love arriving to Helsinki. You know the feeling of being home, I get it every time walking around in Helsinki city centre for first time in a while. If we ever lived in Finland I think it would be in Helsinki; we pretend to be country pumkins but we do like the comforts of city i.e. nice cafes & shops :)

On Wednesday we had a lazy morning. Went for a lunch with my granny in this old people's day centre place. After lunch we met my sister Hanna (3rd in order of the sisters) and went shopping for a birthday present for Hellu. Then we went to pick up the rug that we very sensibly ordered in March when we had little money to pick up now when we have no money...but it does look nice...

Then we headed of to the market to buy some fish and chantarells. After doing the necessary pitstop at my granny's (her philospohy in life is that you have to eat, after you have eaten you have to rest because you have just eaten and then after resting you have to eat because you are hungry again...) we went to my sisters (4 of them share a flat but one of them is in Australia at the moment) for a birhtday celebration.

David cooked us a really lovely dinner and we had fun time. Felt a bit sorry for him having to spend evening with 6 girls but he had his trusty friend with him so he survived. I do love hanging out with my sisters :) My bed is calling me now so more on our adventures tomorrow - wireless access providing.

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