Tuesday, September 26, 2006

So how did it all go

We had our weekend of mad driving and it went surprisingly well, no traffic jams, no accidents, no major delays, no rain, no bad weather. It took David and Taran most of Friday to pack the van and it only took us & Olly an hour to unload!
On Saturday night we had very late dinner with Nathan + Ruth & Nick + Nathan's housemate, we didn't get back to Plymouth untill around 8.30 and by the time we had dropped Moses back at the house and had a quick shower it was little bit before 9 that we got to Nat's. Nathan had cooked us an amazing dinner and it was fun to catch up, we even heard about mutual friends efforts to create a cannon with a piece of drainpipe and use it to launch apples across the estuary...
On Sunday morning we got up early and started packing the car. It took longer than expected so we didn't get it done by the time we were going to see Paul & Nicky before church. Paul cooked us a delicious fry up. I think that's one thing we'll miss, having food together with friends and just relaxing. I'm sure we'll meet lovely people up here but it's going to take time :(
After saying a teary goodbye at church to everyone we went back home and finnished packing the took a long time. We had to get some sandwiches from Sainsbury's on the way out - otherwise we would have been starving by the time we got past Exeter - so we didn't end up leaving Plymouth untill 3.30ish.
We had an amazing sunset on the way up, the colours and clouds were just amazing! We had bit of a miracle on the M1. Both of us have had bit of a disbelief to the flashing electronic signs that they have on the motorways with all the driving we've done over the last week (closer to 2000 miles) we've come to the conlusion that they seem to be right (eventhough I am still inwardly hoping that queue caution after next junction is just couple of extra cars rather than total standstill!)
So we were driving along the M1 and suddenly these queue caution signs changed to say that the motor way is closed after this exit (we were 300 yards away from the next exit when this happened), most of the other cars didn't seem to react to the notice but we didn't fancy sitting in a traffic jam for all evening if the signs were right (and if they were wrong we didn't really mind taking 10 miles longer d-tour along the a-roads). When we got back on the M1 at the next junction there were no other cars coming along the motorway - so the sign had been right and we were very happy that we for once believed them!
We got to Newcastle about 10.30, unloaded the car and crashed. Since that we've been unpacking the boxes, David has managed to get all the furniture together and I've got most of the kitchen unpacked so we can eat - one of our values is good food & eating in case you wondered the frequent references to food ;)
I enrolled yesterday and it sounds very serious - I am in the Faculty of Medical Sciences, it sounds very proper and scientific...But it all seems good so far. I share and office with an Iranian guy who seems very nice, he is on the third year of his PhD and I am just munching some iranian sweets he gave me :) they are a bit like peanut brittle but have pistachious and almonds in them. I'm about to go home (we haven't got any internet at home so I am writing this at uni) and do more unpacking :)


Anonymous said...

what are your email addresses?

mark has sent his 1st email and so I was going to forward to you but don't know your email addresses can you let me have them please



The Lindseys said...

Ok. When are you coming to visit us?
L x