Thursday, September 21, 2006

Second posting of the day

As we are not going to have internet access for days I thought I'd write a bit more when I can still use the modern convinience of the world wide web :) I cooked a huge lasagne but then half (2) of the people who were coming over cancelled so we phoned the other two to ask if they could do Satruday night instead, they could so we have spent a very jolly and extremely tiring evening packing. Our bed is no more so we have the mattress on the floor - feels like camping!

I've received my programme for the induction for all the postgrads in the medical school, not exactly tiring...on
- Monday we've got talk by the Dean 1-4 followed by drinks reception
- Tuesday we've got an hour on Health and safety (I didn't know research could be hazardous???) in the afternoon we've got talk on how to manage your research degree 2-4.30
- Thursday there is an optional library introduction from 10-11 and then 12-1 we've got research training portfolio
So far it all sounds pretty manageble - especially the drinks reception in the postgraduate common room

But now it is bedtime - I need all the energy I can get for carrying the boxes over the next couple of days. Hopefully we'll get internet sorted out quickly and then you can send us lots of emails and I can blog again :)

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