Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pumkins anyone???

So we went to Rosemoor yesterday. David came with the plan of us being there only for couple of hours and getting back for 4pm so he can fix the car. But as we had just seen 1/6th of the gardens and had lunch by the time david had planned to leave that didn't happen. We had brilliant time, the weather was gorgeos and we saw lots of lovely pumpkins, apples, squashes, lettuces, flowers, trees, bamboos, pretty much anythign related to floura and fauna you can think of.

We got back after 6pm and David was still determined to fix the car. There is some problem with the immobiliser, basically you can't start the car without opening the bonnet and touching the battery with this wire (nothing happens when you turn the key) Apart from being a bit embarrishing having to do this everytime you want to go anywhere can you imagine a traffic you can kind of see why David want's to get this fixed and as our funds are low/bordering on non existent he thought he'd have a go on doing himself.

After the first 5 minutes of the fixing serious problem appeared...missing tool...after some phrantic phonecalls to all friends who could have anything vaguely related to fixing cars David located the missing tool and went to pick it up...on they went with fixing for another 10 minutes untill there was an other tool they didn't have and this time the phonecalls produced no results. So all there was to do was to put the steering wheel and airbag back on, return the tools to Seb and have some dinner.

So we reverted to plan B...getting up early this morning, David and his dad driving back really really early to Dorset (David's dad has the missing tool) and Diana and I driving back at more leisurely speed after packing up and cleaning the kitchen...this does sound like we got the short straw, taking the airbag and steering wheel of does actually sound like it could be quite good fun!

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