Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Poor Moses

Today was the treaded day of the more unwanted puppies as lady next door put it. Moses was not pleased with us - how can a dog survive on no breakfast. He looked at me very accusingly when I let him out of his cage this morning and didn't give him any food but made a cup of tea for David and myself.

We've just picked him up from the vet and he is very dosy. His legs are not back to normal yet (the anasthetic), he is wondering around looking very tipsy - his back legs and front legs are not communicating with each other. The op went well but while he was recovering in the kennels he did a number 2 and before the veterinary nurse (who is a christian and went to Romania on a mission this summer) had time to clean it he rolled over it and got it all over himself :( Thankfully she washed him :)

I've never seen Moses so lifeless, he is sleeping and just opening his eyes if he hears somethign exiting (usually he bounces like a jojo at the smallest noise). He is lying on his box trying to stay awake but every now and then he nods of, just like I do when David is driving in the night and I am trying to stay awake, first my eyes close, then my head starts slowly moving down and the next thing I know is that I suddenly wake up and we have mysteriously moved 20 miles along the motorway.

And the nurse that he is not allowed to have any exercise for the next 7(!!!) days. Usually just after a day with no exercise he is so full of energy, can you imagine what he is going to be like in 7...I am a bit worried that he might just catapult himself to the moon powered by the excess energy he has been collecting!

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