Thursday, September 14, 2006

The last supper

mmmmm....I am nice, content and sleepy....we've just had my friend Tina from work over for last supper before we embark on our journey up north. She loves roast but her son doesn't so she never cooks it because she'd be the only one eating it. I promised her months ago (many many months ago) that I'd cook her a roast because I love cooking, I love roasts and I love having people over for meal and she is one of my best friends at work. So we finally had the roast tonight....

Roast potatoes, roast parsnips, organic beef, yorkshire puddings, broccoli, carrots, gravy - what more could you ask. And for a pudding we had an apple crumble with custard. I am sure my ministry or at least part of it is cooking for people :) We had lovely time and somehow it felt quite wintery, I know not everyone likes dark winters evenings but there is something nice in having candles on when it is all dark outside.

There were some crazy stories in the paper today including this one of someone suing Starbucks becaise they had withdrawn an offer for free coffee and another one of a new form of time wasting, I haven't tried it yet but if I sometime get a spare minute from trying to look busy I will let you know what it is all about. There are lots of important and topical articles in the news but sometimes you wonder why something is published...or why you need to know about it...sometimes it just seems some stories are just created to cause more trouble...

That's enough about the news, too much information is never good. I have upgraded myself today, my sisters are really into myspace so I thought I'd get on to the modern way of relating and created an account, it was fun, after I found a website that did all the background and that kind of things for me...I am not geeky enough to cope with the htlm code. Now the only unoftunate thing is that I don't actually know many people who are into myspace :( Oh well, I gess I got a fair share of sisters so that's a good start :)

Bedtime now. David has fallen a sleep on the sofa and Moses under the table. Oh and Tina gave me these loveliest little earings as a goodbye present. I will really miss her, apart from sharing office with her, we've enjoyed at some point daily trips to coffee shops around uni & city centre.

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