Saturday, September 16, 2006


We have sold the house (or accpeted somebody's offer on it)

They are a young couple, so they hopefully should make nice neighbours to our old ladies (criteria 1) and they offered us pretty much what we wanted (wish 1) and what's even better they are first time buyers (wish 2) so there is no chain.

David's parents are down for the weekend. We are of to Rosemoor to see the gardens. David is dreaming of fixing our temramental car with his dad but we can't do both so there is a bit of a dilemma.

To add to the exitement Kinza is in season and Moses is extremely interested in her - regardless of his operation. So he is following her around and she can't stand him at the best of times even less now so there is lots of barking going on. Poor Kinza, she got very exited when she realised they were coming here but then it dawned on her that Moses lives here and she tried to back out of the house and ran into the car, poor thing. You would have thought she would have worked out that Moses lives with us because everytime we've appeared recently Moses has also appeared and when we go Moses goes as well! But I guess us going on holiday and leaving Moses there probably threw her of course ;)

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