Thursday, September 28, 2006

Flatpacked furniture

We have no wardrobes, which is very problematic as we have numerous boxes full of clothes waiting to be off we go to took us couple of wrong turns before we ended up in the ikea carpark - the sign posting was definitley insufficient - nothing to do with my map reading ;)
We are trying to fit a 2-bed house with loft into a 2-bed flat (with under-the-stairs cupboard being it's only storage space) so we are short of space. We had this on the back of our minds when we are looking for a wardrobe and we found one, it's the deepest, widest and highest possible thing there is so we bought it alongside some other useful things like shelf for the bathroom and some hooks to hang coats & towels with. We (David did all teh lifting and I did all the watching and instructing) miraculously fitted it in our tank and got it home.
This mornign we started putting it together and it is a nightmare. We've somehow got it together but it is still, reagardless of all the 4 shelves we put in, very very wobbly so we are off to B&Q to see if we can get some brackets to help to stablize it and dreaming of having enough money to buy a nice wardrobe!

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