Friday, September 01, 2006

Finland is calling...

We are finally off to Finland again :) Yesterday at work I spent the whole afternoon packing. The office is moving while I am away so I had to box all my stuff (lots of questionnaires and piles and piles of journal articles) the good thing is most of them are going to my boss because I only got so short time left, so I will only have one box to unpack out of the 6 I packed.

We are driving up to David's parent this morning/lunchtime to drop Moses to spend a week in dog heaven (big lawn to dig holes in, lots of woods to go for walk and people giving him lots of cuddles) and then we drive to Gaenor and Robs - it's only 1.15h fromt theirs to Stansted vs 2.45 from David's parents so we should hopefully get an extra hour of sleep before getting up crazy o'clock in the morning to catch a flight.

I am really looking forwards to seeing my family and friends. It's one of my sisters birthday while we are there which is nice as I've missed pretty much all of their birthdays over the last 6 years. We are also seeing some good friends of ours who have just had a little baby girl. And we are picking up a rug we ordered when we were in Finland last time...not exactly sure how we gonna get it back yet...current plan is to take an empty suitcase with us and fold the rug up and pray it's going to fit in!

Ok, it's time to wake up David in order to start packing. I brought him a cup of tea half an hour ago but it failed to have the desired effect hence I need to wake him up again...maybe I should try tickling rather than kisses this time?


Anonymous said...


Meidän täytyy nähdä kun olette Suomessa. :) Taisinkin antaa puhelinnumeroni jossain meilissä, eli se toimii sitten. :)

The Lindseys said...

Moi Anna!

Ois kiva nahda. Ma en oo loytany sun kanny numeroa mistaan. Jos lahetat sen mulle uudestaan niin ma tekstaan jos vaan onnistun tarkistamaan meilit ennen lahtoa.

Halein Laura