Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Birthdays and the japanese pm

Yesterday was David's brothers birthday and also Nikke's birthday. We went over to Paul and Nikke's and had a lovely time. We took Moses with us because he was so of colour that we didn't like leaving him all by himself. He did behave himself beautifully (slept/dozed) most of the time so that was ok.

When we were in Helsinki they had some big meeting going on. And half of Finnish police force was stationed in Helsinki. One of my sisters works in a hotel alongside her studies and her hotel had 500 policemen there for two weeks. The city centre was full of diplomatic cars escorted from one place to another with police on motorbikes, there was even quite a few helicopters circling the place.

When we went to buy a birhtday present (still in Helsinki) for David's brother we saw another one of this escorts drive past and thanks to reading the mornings newspaper I was recognise the Japanese prime minister who was looking out of window with a beaming smile. He has a mad grey hair so it wasn't too difficult to know it was him :)

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