Friday, August 18, 2006

The weekend feeling

It is Friday :) and all is well in the Lindsey household. Moses has spent the morning trying to catch flies, one of his favourite past times. He is getting pretty good at it, cornering the poor fly into window with his nose and then making a leap for it (and chrashing to the window in the process...) Very amusing.

It is David's mums birthday today so we are driving up to Dorset today after work. Mark is baking a cheesecake...On Sunday it's David's auntie's birhtday so we are going to meet them for lunch somewhere in Berkshire to celebrate the birhtdays.

We had Joe&Jo around yesterday for meal which was really lovely. Haven't really seen them properly since before we went to Canada (they live out in the Basque Country). It was good to catch up. Moses approved of the visit as well, cuddles and new people to play with, what more could a litte dog ask for??? I tried a recipe from a cookery book I got for christmas last year, sausaged cooked in red wine and they were really really tasty.

I've been working from home today. Someone came to have a look of the house at 10.30 so I stayed here to take Moses out while they were looking around. There was someone else coming to have a look of it the house this afternoon so I thought I'd stay here rather than walking all the way into uni and back again. The lady who saw the house liked it and is coming back to see it with her husband next week....all we need is one person who wants to buy it, hopefully as soon as possible and as close to the asking price as possible!

I have been trying to think of something very witty to say/write but can't think of anything so I guess I better get back to reading a report of Young peoples physical activity participation in England in 2002.

PS: doesn't Moses look small in the picture?

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