Tuesday, August 01, 2006

We are back

We are safely back in Plymouth after an amazing holiday. I'm running late for work - it was really hard getting up this morning, didn't get back to P untill 1am :( I'll/we'll do a proper update of all the exitement of the holiday later but here is a pic to give you a taster of the wonders of Scotland.

PS. It is Tony's birthday today :) He is brilliant! (he saves me from having to accompany David to the pub to watch football regurlary) so
Happy Birthday Tony!!!!!


Joyce said...

such a fun picture guys!!!
glad you had a good time!....and Tony IS brilliant! I had such a good time with him in Canada!!
Happy Birthday Tony!! just picture me drinking a pint with ya at the pub tonight! ;)
love you guys!

The Lindseys said...

It would have been fun if you could have been here :)
The trip we made to Niagra was such a laugh...makes me giggle thinking about singing along to Aretha while driving!