Monday, August 21, 2006

the update on the weekend

The weekend flew by. We had very tasty rack of lamb for dinner on Friday night with cheesecake for desert. On Saturday we (David and I) slept late. I didn't have the best night sleep, the window was open so it was a bit chilly with sheet & blanket so David ended up sleeping really close to me. I woke up couple of times when I was about to crash to the floor...and also when I elbowed David during the night - by accident of course.

Saturday I went shopping in Ringwood with David's mum while David and his dad attacked the hedge with hedgetrimmers etc. They have couple of really nice kitchen shops in Ringwood as well as really nice pine shop so we had fun. They also had a local artists' art exhibition on and we had a quick look of that. Some of the work was amazing but some was't - or I thought I could have painted better...

On Sunday we drove to Berkshire and had lunch in a very nice gastro pub with lots of David's relatives to celebrate his aunite's 50th birthday. We also met David's youngest cousin who is only 9 months old. She was very chubby and very cute. The lunch was very tasty and really nicely presented. My pudding was superb...chocolate brownie with poached pear served with vanilla cream...

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