Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Troubles with the milkman

The milkman usually comes faithfully 3am on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. So when we ran out of milk last night I didn't worry because I knew when we woke up tomorrow morning there would be a pint of milk waiting for us on the doorstep.

We woke up at 7am and David went to make a cup of tea & feed the pooch. To our disappointment there was no milk!!! The empty bottles were still on the doorstep so we concluded that the milkman hadn't been to our street this morning and wondered what had happened to him.

I went to have a shower and David walked up to the corner shop around the corner - I guess that's why it's called corner shop ;) only to find it closed. As you can't start a day without a cup of tea (and in England you can't have a cup of tea wihtout milk) my wonderful husband endured furhter and walked up to the newsagent further down the road and succeeded in getting some milk.

So the morning was saved and we had our cup of tea. David left to work around eight and to our surprise there was a pint of milk waiting for us at the doorstep! The only explanation I can think of is that our milkman is on holiday and another milkman is covering his round after his own.

So we have plenty of milk now :) I've been promising to make some banana custard for David for a while so I guess I've got no reason not to make it now. (I couldn't make it yesterday because we didn't have any milk!)

On another note...Wouldn't you want to buy this house??? I especially like the little owls sitting in the end of the bed :) Doesn't the kitchen look nice? And have you ever seen our house this tidy!!!!!!

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