Sunday, August 13, 2006

Snooring Moses

Moses has had very exiting week. Sally, the lady who llives across the street has taken him for a walk a couple of times and now when Moses sees her walking across the street he gets very exited. (Moses' favourite place to sit is in the bay window on a little box - he can see everything that is going on in the street)

On Wednesday he shredded his way through and ikea catalogue but didn't touch Laura Ashley one that was in the same place. On Thursday he had managed to get a gluestick off the table and chewed & eaten it. He was very hyper that evening...On Friday he only chewed through a ball point pen.

We went to Rosemoor yesterday. The road there is the curviest in the world. On the way back I thought we could try a different route to see if it had less 90 degree corners in it...unfortunately it didn't. On top of that it was only single track most of the way, but we saw some very pretty Devonshire thatced cottage villages and lovely views to north Dartmoor. I've definitely got a knack for finding obscure, little roads with beautiful views. In California, when we did out mammoth drive to see the redwoods with Katrin, I managed to direct us on to this dirt track over the mountains for some 40 miles...but the views were breathtaking and we saw a bear cub :)

At Rosemoor David finished a film that has been in my Canon for donkeys years. I can't remember when I've used it last time so it will definitely be a surprise to see what's on the film when we get it back. I snapped away with the little digital camera. David is planning to buy a serious digital camera when we sell the house and get rid of his nikon f100.

The house is on the market, so if you know anyone who want to buy a cute little 2 bed house in Plymouth send them our way please.

There was a crazy film on tv last night, it was called the peacemaker or something. It had George Clooney and Nicole Kidman in it. We had a good giggle over it, you couldn't take it seriously!

PS: Moses snoores...he can make quite a big noise for a little dog...I am gong to try to record it one time because it is very funny when he does that ;)

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