Thursday, August 03, 2006

Our week in the Scottish Borders

We had an amazing time. Weather was brilliant, it was sunny every day :) You don't really go to Scotland for a tan but ours definitely improved!!! Olly and Becky (David's bestman and his lovely wife) came to the cottage for the first weekend. We had fun, did a mammuth walk climbing up to two big hills/mountains. On the way down we got lost and took a little d-tour through some very prickly bushes for 20 minutes = very scrathed legs. After that we went to the local pub in Melrose and had a lovely lunch. And then we sat in the garden drinking tea, reading the sunday papers and eating biscuits :)

The week pretty much consisted of walking, eating, drinking, fishing (for David), sitting by a river reading a book (for me) and running up and down the riverbank (for Moses). Melrose is a lovely little town that has an ancient abbey, or ruins of one, lovely ice cream shop, excellent pub and couple of other nice shops. (I bought two very pretty blue ceramic mugs from a craft shop, and David didn't realise until afterwards that he had agreed to buy more mugs! He is on war against mugs, i.e. he thinks we have too many)

Overall we had very very relaxing time. We did do some walking...we did a long long one on Wednesday (I think) and climbed up couple of more huge hills - tiring but the views were amazing. Unfortunately Moses got blisters to his paws (we think it was the hot stones he stepped on) so we didn't do any more walking after that.

David got very exited about fishing and we did that on 3 evenings/afternoons. He didn't catch anything else than undersized trout but he is planning to go back (it's only 1.5 hours from Newcastle). As the weather was perfect I was very happy sitting by the river reading the times or books.

The cottage we had was really lovely. Wooden floors, big rooms and lovely old furniture. It was in the middle of nowhere and had bit of a garden so Moses was very happy running around.

We did quite a few drives, the countryside in the Borders is amazing. One of the drives we did went through a mountain pass and was incredible. Seeing so much beauty just makes me think how amazing God is to have created something so beautiful!

On Saturday we drove to Middlesborough to see Craig who we met in SOM. It was so nice to see him again, it's nearly a year since we saw him last time! We are really looking forwards to being closer to him. We had lovely time with Craig and his beautiful girlfriend Kerina. On Saturday evening we went to a chippy in a little coastal town. It was very amusing, it was very popular chippy and when we got there the queue was 20 or so people. And more was coming all the time. In the end they run out of fish...which I have never heard of before! But it was one of the best fish and chips I've ever had.

We went to their church on Sunday morning and it was really good fun. Haven't been to any other church than ours for a while and it was really refreshing to be in a different church.

On Monday we went to Newcastle, had a quick look around and I had a meeting with the uni people about starting dates etc. After that they took us out for a lunch. The campus is really nice, lots of old buildings, they even have an art gallery. We drove back to Plymouth via Gaenor and Rob (friends of ours who moved last weekend to just outside London). It was really lovely to see them and their new house. It did add some extra time and distance to the journey but it was worth it, it was really nice to see them and they seemed to appreciate it too.

So that's our time in Scotland in a nutshel. We are really looking forwards to being close to the Borders when we are up in Newcastle. It is long way up north...8+ hours drive!!!

The car worked well for the whole time. We even worked out a way to start it without opening a bonnet and touching the battery with a wire everytime we wanted use it. We did have a little episode with one of the rear electric windows - it refused to close. It was ok in the cottage having a window half open but not very good if you wanted to go anywhere else! David took the door to pieces to discover he can't fix it. We took it to a carage the following morning and the man just wiggled some wires and managed to close it! He seemed t think there was some sort of loose connection (which we'll need to get fixed)

PS: in the picture of Moses and me - I am not strangling him eventhough it looks like it.

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