Thursday, August 10, 2006

On news and neighbours

These little penguins have been making hte headlines in the UK the last couple of days. Untill today when it is all about MI5, the cancelled flights and terrorist plot. We are just very happy Tony & co flew to Ukraine for their mission yesterday.

BBC do brilliant phot journals, recently they had one about a shoe-shine girl in Ethiopia.

In Finland the hunting season has begun today, wild wood pigeons/doves are first ones on the menu, later on this month the hunting season for ducks and other water birds starts and in September it's rabits.

I made our lady next, Dot, door cry this morning. I told her we were moving and she got very upset. It is quite sad, I'd be very surprised if we'll ever have as good neigbour as she has been. And it was nice that she said she was going to miss us.

Dot and lady across the road have asked if they could take Moses for a walk at lunchtimes - very sweet of them. Today is their first day...hopefully Moses will behave himself. The lady across the road goes and walks the dogs in a rescue home every day so I guess she knows what she is letting herself into.

We were thinking about our competetiveness yesterday and thought that it could be a reason why we enjoy married life...I want to beat David in fantacy football and he wants to finnish a killer su duko quicker than I do. Or it could just be that we got few more orphan spirit issues to sort out.

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