Saturday, August 26, 2006

No Cake

Well I had a lovely birthday, we both took the day off work and spent the day together having a relaxed day. I got lots of lovely presents, so thank you to everyone. Breakfast consisted of pan de chocolate, croissants and nice coffee.

The weather was not the best, overcast and drissley but this provided a great photographic opportunity. So off I set, I was using an old manual camera, a canon FTb , built in 1971 . So its older than me ! But it is great. My subject matter was the flowers and raindrops on leaves. I am new to the marco world of photography but there is a great challenge to be had and I love it.

Here's one of my shots, I took the picture on Fuji Provia 100F, colour slide film. I then scanned the imaged and now you can see the jpeg. The flower, for all you non botanists, is a Potentilla atrosanguinea. The span of the flower about 2.5cm so my photo is taken at about 0.6x magnification.

The image was taken with a 50mm lense attached to a times two converter giving a focal length of 100mm. The 100mm focal length lense is much easier to use. The focus distace is further from the subject, instead of being 4cm from the subject it becomes 40cm. I then attached a bellows which enables the magnification. The apertures was set to f4 and the shutter spead was 1/30 of a second. The only reason I used a time two converter on the 50mm lense was I didn't have a 100mm lense.

In the afternoon after lunch, smoked trout and a fresh bagette we went into town and went shopping and I purchased a 100mm lense for the Canon camera. So we are off at the weekend to use my new lense. For those of you wondering why buy and new lense when I have a 50mm lense and the time two converter. It just makes life a little easier and the image quality is better.

The evening consisted of a meal at a resturant with freinds which was wonderful, except no cake - Bad Wife - and nobody singing happy birthday to me. The cake is more of an issue than the singing.

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