Monday, August 28, 2006

Moses has a new bone

Moses has a new bone that smells and looks very disgusting. We went to Bigbury for a walk yesterday and stopped at the Riverford shop on the way back. We bought some olives, meat and bread etc and got a bone for Moses. It kept him amused for whole of the evening and pretty much most of today!

We got up at sunrise today to take some picture. The alarm was on at 5am and we left the house 5.20 am. In Plymouth it looked like it was going to be a nice sunrise but when we got to the beach this huge cloud had appeared from nowhere. So there probably was very amazing sunrise but we couldn't see it because of the cloud. We did see a bat though and that was quite exiting.

By the time we got back home it was 7ish. We bought the paper and retreated back to bed and had a cup of tea and read all about Zara Phillips winning the world championship. I think it must have been the warm duvert that made us sleepy again but we both nodded off and didn't wake up untill 11 when Tony sent us a text to ask what we were doing.

Tony wondered over to ours and we had an other cup of tea an headed of for a walk in the moors. Ann came with us and we had really lovely time. I was trying out a new fashion style, knee lenght frilly skirt with walking boots and thick socks....somehow I can't see that appearing in the cat walk in the autumn fashion shows ;)

We dropped Ann back home and had some lunch with Tony after which we relaxed with watching some Friends. Tony has just walked back home and we are chilling out before going over to Seb & Mim's fr dinner.

We've had busy week, on Wednesday we went out for the meal, on Thursday we popped over to Paul & Nikke's (I did some knitting with N meanwhile D&P went to the pub), on Friday we went to Nick & Ruth's for dinner, Saturday adn Sunday we relaxed, we are seeing the Latimers tonight and Nathan tomorrow night and Tony on Wednesday. On Thursday we are packing and Driday driving up to David's parents and catching a flight to Finland on Satruday morning.

So many people to see, so little time!

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