Friday, August 04, 2006

The Lindsey household on Friday evening

We had the first estate agent to come and value the house and trying to convince us why we should choose them. Moses went totally mad (as he does when new people come and visit) so I think we will be taking him for a walk everytime a possible buyer comes to look at the house.

We've spent the last hour++ doing the killer su doku from the times. After distroying numerous greycells by trying to think we finally manage to solve it, how someone is suppose to do it in 55 minutes is beyond us! Maybe we just need more (loads more) practice.

The plan at the moment is to rent somewhere for a while when we go up to Newcastle while we are looking for a house to buy. However David has found a new project which he would rather do than find a job (the new project being the job). We saw someones house that was repossesed (suggestions on the spelling???) while we were in Middlesborough and it had been done up beautifully and David got very exited about the idea...

Also we are feeling sorry for Tony Blair (but will still vote for tories) - the guy can't even were a tie without people reading into it (there was a story in todays paper about him and his 'lucky' tie). Maybe he is just like the rest of us and wears clothes that he likes!

As it is Friday evening and we've been pretty busy this week - either tidying up or socialising - we are having an evening off doing su doku puzzles, drinking wine and maybe watching a film. Moses is creating annoying background noises with his squeeky bone but apart from that everything is very peaceful and relaxed :)

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