Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It must be a sign...

Newcastle city swimming pools have saunas in them. I can't imagine living in a place where I can go to sauna pretty much whenever I want to (i.e. every other day when it is ladies day). For the last six years I have just about survived without saunas and really appreciating them when we go to Finland...but I am getting very very exited just with the thought that I can go to sauna every week if I want to.

I guess I am yet to see what they are like, but it sounds pretty good. And they mentioned in their instructions Finland quite a few times which is always an encouraing sign. As long as the sauna is hot I'll be happy. My previous experience of English understanding of a hot sauna (60) and the Finnish reality of a hot sauna (90++) differ by 30 degrees of celcius!

Swimming is one of the physical activities I really like. Probably because it doesn't really feel like exercise. For the last couple of years I haven't really swam that much because I have a very strong dislike for the chaning facilities that they have in the swimming pool in Plymouth (they are not nice at all, we had nicer changing rooms at school!) And I also find the English way of getting changed & showering very weird (what is it with taking your towel with you into the shower???) but that is a subject to a whole other blog.

So after having a look in the Newcastle city council's website about swimming pools I am very much encouraged. To start with they have more places to swim than in Plymouth but then 2 swimming pools is not that difficult to beat! As a student I can get a student recreation & swimming card (that doesn cost me money) but after tha I can go for a swim for a pound :)

Just on totally un-sauna-related of the things I am really looking forwards to is student discounts again...going to cinema for half the price, getting 10%-15% of in most shops...and especially discounted council tax! It was a shock after graduating and having to start paying full price for things, I think they should have some sort of gradual intergration to full price society after being a student. And what is even better having a scholarship is that I get paid to study (which I love) and I get student discounts (which I also love)

They even have a lovely old looking pool building that has the sauna suite in it. I think I am starting to count how many days is left before I can go to sauna :) Luckily it's not that long as we are going to Finland in the first week of September.

I can already feel my skin softening just by thinking about sauna (sauna is really good for cleansing your skin). You can find antyhing you want from the Finnish Sauna Society's website. For my part I just love sitting in a sauna and relaxing, one of the requirements for the next house we buy is that it is big enough for us to build a sauna in - and then you can all come and visit and try it for yourself!!!

But I am overflowing with seems like God is finally answering my prayers about having a sauna....being able to go to one is first step into having one of my own :)

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