Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

It is David's 27th birthday today...which I thought is a good reason for dedicating this blog entry to him :)

I don't really have enough words to describe David but he is just amazing. I've known him for more than 7 years now and he just improves on the acquaintance!

I love the passion David has for things he loves. Photography is one good example of that, getting up an hour an half before the sunrise to make sure you are going to be in your location ready before the first sunbeams creap over the horizon. It is really amazing being up at that time of the day - if you haven't tried it I would strongly recommend!

In a nutshel David is an amazing husband and I love him to bits.

It is raining today which is not good :( but we both have a day off from work so I think we are going to explore the beaches and coves in Corwall, make a nice packed lunch to take with us with some fresh baquettes, smoked trout and anything else tasty I can think of. In the evening we are going out for a meal to a restaurant with some friends which we are really looking forwards to it.

Happy Birthday David!!!!

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