Saturday, August 19, 2006

The first day of fantacy football

I am very pleased to announce that after the first day of football season my fantacy football team FC Lala has 21 points and is leading Dave's Dynamites by 20 points :) Tony's points are unknown because he is still in Ukraine evangelising the world and hopefully having a good time as well.

So even if I loose overall I can remember that my ranking after the first day was 220 and David's was 574...

I manage to elbow David last night not just once but twice. The bed is narrower than we have at home and I went to turn around in the night only to discover that David's head was on my pillow and that I had just whacked his face with my elbow. He hasn't got any bruises so it can't have been that hard but it was hard enough to wake me up.

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