Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fantasy football

I've just about recovered from the overdose of football during the worldcup and now it is all starting again. Yesterday Arsenal had their first leg of champions league qualifier against Zagred. Tony had asked us over for dinner but what David forgot to mention was that they were planning to watch the match (I didn't even know it is on).

There is another match on tonight (Liverpool vs Magabe??? Haifa) but I am escaping that by going over to see Nicky :) And there are less than two weeks to the beginning of the premiership season.

Tony's work were all into fantasy football league last year (you get given x-amount of money and you need to make up a football team with that money and the one who gets most points over the football season is the winner). So we heard about it quite a lot.

David got exited about the idea and wanted to take part this year so Tony emailed us the details of the league (I think there are quite a few different ones). So I thought it can't be that difficult to make up a football team...

I have created a wonderful team called FC Lala. And my aim is to beat Tony's Little Ponies and Dave's Dynamites. I think my teams name is the most professional...I'm sure I'll get some extra points for that.

You get 'given' 10m (I think) and you need to buy 11 players and a manager with that. I got rather exited and bought Lampard, Gerrard, Terry, Reina, Cahill and Martin Jol (he is Tottenham manager and they did pretty well last season, nearly beat Arsenal, so he must be pretty good) as my manager and realised I hardly had any money to buy rest of the team :( So over the last couple of days I have been perfecting my team (i.e. swapping my brilliant expensive players I've heard of to some players whose names I've never heard before).

David showed me where to find the points each player collected last year (it's sounds pretty complicated, you get points for goals (as you would expect), goalie and defence get points for keeping a clean sheet and you get minus points for yellow & red cards etc) So I have been looking through all the cheap players to find which ones of them scored the most points last season and bought them. But I still got Gerrard, Cahill, Terry, Reina and Martin Jol so I think I've done pretty well.

The only problem with this is...I usually fall a sleep after the first 10 minutes of Match of the Day. How I am suppose to know which players are doing well and who are injured if I don't stay awake to watch them.

I've got a prayer request...that when we move to Newcastle David would make friends with someone who is really into football so I don't have to go and watch it in the pub too often - last year was brilliant, I don't think I went once thanks to Tony. I don't mind going sometimes but I am not as passionate about it as David & Tony are.

So I am afraid there might be occasional updates on how my team is doing against my rivals but I try to keep them to minimum...

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