Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Exiting day :(

I have spent last two days at work merging these huge spss databases I have for the LEAP programme. And to make things more interesting the reference numbers I have for the different people don't match up :( but I think I have finally managed to do it...i am sure you are interested to know that...and now I just need to check that everything is there and make sure it all matches up. But at least my work worries are a bit less than this lady's at the moment ;)

Our office is moving next week when I am in Finland - well timed :) But the fun part is, no one knows which day we are moving apart from it's any day between monday and thursday. Also we've heard a rumour that the network cables in the new building don't work and it could be anythign up to 30 days to get them all sorted out.

They are putting double glazing into the building we are in and turning it back to halls of residence and the new building for the faculty is not ready for another two years (being optimistic - they haven't even demolished the old buildings from the site the new one is going to go on!) But as we are heading north I don't really have to worry about it...but I do feel sorry for everyone else having to move to this new building that is half the size of the space we have now!

On a more cheerful and interesting note. My team is still leading Tony's and David's in fantacy football! I've used all my transfers but I've been informed by Mr Richers that I will get three for each calender month which is good because one of my defenders hasn't played at all this season so I want to change him but I didn't have any money left so I had to make another transfer before I could get a better defender but in doing so I ran out transfers and got stuck with this guy.

We are off to Finland on Saturday :) the flight is really early (6.20m) in the morning which means we have to get up even earlier (3am) to be in the airport (4.20) on time...I will be very very tired on Satruday evening.....zzzzzzz......we re going to see one of my oldest end bestest school friends in Vaasa before heading of to Pielavesi to see the parental unit and my youngest siblings for couple of days and then finishing off with couple of days in the beautiful Helsinki where my rest of my siblings (par Eppu who is in Australia), granny and assortment of aunties, uncles and cousins live.

Poor Moses is going to the vet the week after we get back from Finland to be chipped and nipped. Quite a few people (male spieces) have tried to convince us/me that getting him castrated is cruel and that we would be robbing part of Moses' identity if we do this but I haven't been convinced yet so if you have a reason why we shouldn't get Moses nipped I am curious to hear it! I think the only thing Moses is going to be upset about is the fact that he can't have any breakfast on the morning he goes to the vet!!!

It has been cold, or little bit autumnal, in England for the last week an a bit but these poor pigs in Austria are not doing well for their tans either.

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