Saturday, August 26, 2006

Attemp in redeeming myself

I failed this year and totally forgot to bake a birthday cake. I remembered it the day before, and I was thinking of phoning up the restaurant and asking if I can bring a cake with me. But I forgot to do that and even worse, I forgot to bake a cake for David...

Today we went out to try David's new lense in Dendles woods which is a local national nature reserve. We found it by accident couple of years ago. I had seen this woodland area on the map and got curious so on one rainy and windy Saturday couple of years ago we went there. We parked at the end of this lane in the edge of the moors and wondered through the fields to the vague direction of the trees. When we got closer we realised it was all fenced off with bared wire. But as we are brave that didn't stop us so we clampered over.

We had a wonderful time wondering around the woods. They were incredible, all the trees were moss covered, there were literally hundreds of pheasants all over the place and there were little streams running through it; it just felt like time had stopped and we had found this dreamland. When we were leaving we saw this notice board and went and read it. The small print at the bottom of it said that access to the woods was strictly by permission only (- and I just thought the bared wire was to keep the sheep and ponies out). Ups.

So when we got home we dutifully wrote to the warden for a permit which arrived couple of weeks later and since we have been back quite a few times legally. David took lots of pictures of moss, mushrooms (there are so many different types there it's unbelievable) and water droplets. I took some pictures on the little digital camera but it ran out of batteries so I ended up looking for things David could take pictures of.

We stopped in Sainsbury's on the way back and got some bacon and couple of other things and had a lovely bacon and egg sandwiches for lunch :)

After lunch I baked a belated birhtday cake and I think it looks pretty good...and it tastes really yammee as well. Better late than never? I must admit it is pretty bad forgetting to bake a cake for your husband on his birhtday (especially as David has baked me one on every single birthday I have had) but apart from the lack of cake we had a lovely time together on his birthday and good fun when we went out for a meal.

Earlier today Moses tried making friends with the burmese who lives across the road but I think the end result was a mutual dislike. The burmese just ignored Moses for a while - as cats often do - and he wasn't happy with that kind of behaviour. And finally when Moses got the cat's attention he couldn't go and say hello because of the window :(

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