Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Exiting day :(

I have spent last two days at work merging these huge spss databases I have for the LEAP programme. And to make things more interesting the reference numbers I have for the different people don't match up :( but I think I have finally managed to do it...i am sure you are interested to know that...and now I just need to check that everything is there and make sure it all matches up. But at least my work worries are a bit less than this lady's at the moment ;)

Our office is moving next week when I am in Finland - well timed :) But the fun part is, no one knows which day we are moving apart from it's any day between monday and thursday. Also we've heard a rumour that the network cables in the new building don't work and it could be anythign up to 30 days to get them all sorted out.

They are putting double glazing into the building we are in and turning it back to halls of residence and the new building for the faculty is not ready for another two years (being optimistic - they haven't even demolished the old buildings from the site the new one is going to go on!) But as we are heading north I don't really have to worry about it...but I do feel sorry for everyone else having to move to this new building that is half the size of the space we have now!

On a more cheerful and interesting note. My team is still leading Tony's and David's in fantacy football! I've used all my transfers but I've been informed by Mr Richers that I will get three for each calender month which is good because one of my defenders hasn't played at all this season so I want to change him but I didn't have any money left so I had to make another transfer before I could get a better defender but in doing so I ran out transfers and got stuck with this guy.

We are off to Finland on Saturday :) the flight is really early (6.20m) in the morning which means we have to get up even earlier (3am) to be in the airport (4.20) on time...I will be very very tired on Satruday evening.....zzzzzzz......we re going to see one of my oldest end bestest school friends in Vaasa before heading of to Pielavesi to see the parental unit and my youngest siblings for couple of days and then finishing off with couple of days in the beautiful Helsinki where my rest of my siblings (par Eppu who is in Australia), granny and assortment of aunties, uncles and cousins live.

Poor Moses is going to the vet the week after we get back from Finland to be chipped and nipped. Quite a few people (male spieces) have tried to convince us/me that getting him castrated is cruel and that we would be robbing part of Moses' identity if we do this but I haven't been convinced yet so if you have a reason why we shouldn't get Moses nipped I am curious to hear it! I think the only thing Moses is going to be upset about is the fact that he can't have any breakfast on the morning he goes to the vet!!!

It has been cold, or little bit autumnal, in England for the last week an a bit but these poor pigs in Austria are not doing well for their tans either.

Monday, August 28, 2006


Oh I forgot...I read this in the news last week adn thought it was perfectly ridiculous - children up to 12 years of age are expected to sit in car seats and if they don't the parents can get fined 30 pounds. Another one of the silly laws this goverment has passed!

Moses has a new bone

Moses has a new bone that smells and looks very disgusting. We went to Bigbury for a walk yesterday and stopped at the Riverford shop on the way back. We bought some olives, meat and bread etc and got a bone for Moses. It kept him amused for whole of the evening and pretty much most of today!

We got up at sunrise today to take some picture. The alarm was on at 5am and we left the house 5.20 am. In Plymouth it looked like it was going to be a nice sunrise but when we got to the beach this huge cloud had appeared from nowhere. So there probably was very amazing sunrise but we couldn't see it because of the cloud. We did see a bat though and that was quite exiting.

By the time we got back home it was 7ish. We bought the paper and retreated back to bed and had a cup of tea and read all about Zara Phillips winning the world championship. I think it must have been the warm duvert that made us sleepy again but we both nodded off and didn't wake up untill 11 when Tony sent us a text to ask what we were doing.

Tony wondered over to ours and we had an other cup of tea an headed of for a walk in the moors. Ann came with us and we had really lovely time. I was trying out a new fashion style, knee lenght frilly skirt with walking boots and thick socks....somehow I can't see that appearing in the cat walk in the autumn fashion shows ;)

We dropped Ann back home and had some lunch with Tony after which we relaxed with watching some Friends. Tony has just walked back home and we are chilling out before going over to Seb & Mim's fr dinner.

We've had busy week, on Wednesday we went out for the meal, on Thursday we popped over to Paul & Nikke's (I did some knitting with N meanwhile D&P went to the pub), on Friday we went to Nick & Ruth's for dinner, Saturday adn Sunday we relaxed, we are seeing the Latimers tonight and Nathan tomorrow night and Tony on Wednesday. On Thursday we are packing and Driday driving up to David's parents and catching a flight to Finland on Satruday morning.

So many people to see, so little time!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Attemp in redeeming myself

I failed this year and totally forgot to bake a birthday cake. I remembered it the day before, and I was thinking of phoning up the restaurant and asking if I can bring a cake with me. But I forgot to do that and even worse, I forgot to bake a cake for David...

Today we went out to try David's new lense in Dendles woods which is a local national nature reserve. We found it by accident couple of years ago. I had seen this woodland area on the map and got curious so on one rainy and windy Saturday couple of years ago we went there. We parked at the end of this lane in the edge of the moors and wondered through the fields to the vague direction of the trees. When we got closer we realised it was all fenced off with bared wire. But as we are brave that didn't stop us so we clampered over.

We had a wonderful time wondering around the woods. They were incredible, all the trees were moss covered, there were literally hundreds of pheasants all over the place and there were little streams running through it; it just felt like time had stopped and we had found this dreamland. When we were leaving we saw this notice board and went and read it. The small print at the bottom of it said that access to the woods was strictly by permission only (- and I just thought the bared wire was to keep the sheep and ponies out). Ups.

So when we got home we dutifully wrote to the warden for a permit which arrived couple of weeks later and since we have been back quite a few times legally. David took lots of pictures of moss, mushrooms (there are so many different types there it's unbelievable) and water droplets. I took some pictures on the little digital camera but it ran out of batteries so I ended up looking for things David could take pictures of.

We stopped in Sainsbury's on the way back and got some bacon and couple of other things and had a lovely bacon and egg sandwiches for lunch :)

After lunch I baked a belated birhtday cake and I think it looks pretty good...and it tastes really yammee as well. Better late than never? I must admit it is pretty bad forgetting to bake a cake for your husband on his birhtday (especially as David has baked me one on every single birthday I have had) but apart from the lack of cake we had a lovely time together on his birthday and good fun when we went out for a meal.

Earlier today Moses tried making friends with the burmese who lives across the road but I think the end result was a mutual dislike. The burmese just ignored Moses for a while - as cats often do - and he wasn't happy with that kind of behaviour. And finally when Moses got the cat's attention he couldn't go and say hello because of the window :(

No Cake

Well I had a lovely birthday, we both took the day off work and spent the day together having a relaxed day. I got lots of lovely presents, so thank you to everyone. Breakfast consisted of pan de chocolate, croissants and nice coffee.

The weather was not the best, overcast and drissley but this provided a great photographic opportunity. So off I set, I was using an old manual camera, a canon FTb , built in 1971 . So its older than me ! But it is great. My subject matter was the flowers and raindrops on leaves. I am new to the marco world of photography but there is a great challenge to be had and I love it.

Here's one of my shots, I took the picture on Fuji Provia 100F, colour slide film. I then scanned the imaged and now you can see the jpeg. The flower, for all you non botanists, is a Potentilla atrosanguinea. The span of the flower about 2.5cm so my photo is taken at about 0.6x magnification.

The image was taken with a 50mm lense attached to a times two converter giving a focal length of 100mm. The 100mm focal length lense is much easier to use. The focus distace is further from the subject, instead of being 4cm from the subject it becomes 40cm. I then attached a bellows which enables the magnification. The apertures was set to f4 and the shutter spead was 1/30 of a second. The only reason I used a time two converter on the 50mm lense was I didn't have a 100mm lense.

In the afternoon after lunch, smoked trout and a fresh bagette we went into town and went shopping and I purchased a 100mm lense for the Canon camera. So we are off at the weekend to use my new lense. For those of you wondering why buy and new lense when I have a 50mm lense and the time two converter. It just makes life a little easier and the image quality is better.

The evening consisted of a meal at a resturant with freinds which was wonderful, except no cake - Bad Wife - and nobody singing happy birthday to me. The cake is more of an issue than the singing.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

It is David's 27th birthday today...which I thought is a good reason for dedicating this blog entry to him :)

I don't really have enough words to describe David but he is just amazing. I've known him for more than 7 years now and he just improves on the acquaintance!

I love the passion David has for things he loves. Photography is one good example of that, getting up an hour an half before the sunrise to make sure you are going to be in your location ready before the first sunbeams creap over the horizon. It is really amazing being up at that time of the day - if you haven't tried it I would strongly recommend!

In a nutshel David is an amazing husband and I love him to bits.

It is raining today which is not good :( but we both have a day off from work so I think we are going to explore the beaches and coves in Corwall, make a nice packed lunch to take with us with some fresh baquettes, smoked trout and anything else tasty I can think of. In the evening we are going out for a meal to a restaurant with some friends which we are really looking forwards to it.

Happy Birthday David!!!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

the update on the weekend

The weekend flew by. We had very tasty rack of lamb for dinner on Friday night with cheesecake for desert. On Saturday we (David and I) slept late. I didn't have the best night sleep, the window was open so it was a bit chilly with sheet & blanket so David ended up sleeping really close to me. I woke up couple of times when I was about to crash to the floor...and also when I elbowed David during the night - by accident of course.

Saturday I went shopping in Ringwood with David's mum while David and his dad attacked the hedge with hedgetrimmers etc. They have couple of really nice kitchen shops in Ringwood as well as really nice pine shop so we had fun. They also had a local artists' art exhibition on and we had a quick look of that. Some of the work was amazing but some was't - or I thought I could have painted better...

On Sunday we drove to Berkshire and had lunch in a very nice gastro pub with lots of David's relatives to celebrate his aunite's 50th birthday. We also met David's youngest cousin who is only 9 months old. She was very chubby and very cute. The lunch was very tasty and really nicely presented. My pudding was superb...chocolate brownie with poached pear served with vanilla cream...

Saturday, August 19, 2006

The first day of fantacy football

I am very pleased to announce that after the first day of football season my fantacy football team FC Lala has 21 points and is leading Dave's Dynamites by 20 points :) Tony's points are unknown because he is still in Ukraine evangelising the world and hopefully having a good time as well.

So even if I loose overall I can remember that my ranking after the first day was 220 and David's was 574...

I manage to elbow David last night not just once but twice. The bed is narrower than we have at home and I went to turn around in the night only to discover that David's head was on my pillow and that I had just whacked his face with my elbow. He hasn't got any bruises so it can't have been that hard but it was hard enough to wake me up.

Friday, August 18, 2006

The weekend feeling

It is Friday :) and all is well in the Lindsey household. Moses has spent the morning trying to catch flies, one of his favourite past times. He is getting pretty good at it, cornering the poor fly into window with his nose and then making a leap for it (and chrashing to the window in the process...) Very amusing.

It is David's mums birthday today so we are driving up to Dorset today after work. Mark is baking a cheesecake...On Sunday it's David's auntie's birhtday so we are going to meet them for lunch somewhere in Berkshire to celebrate the birhtdays.

We had Joe&Jo around yesterday for meal which was really lovely. Haven't really seen them properly since before we went to Canada (they live out in the Basque Country). It was good to catch up. Moses approved of the visit as well, cuddles and new people to play with, what more could a litte dog ask for??? I tried a recipe from a cookery book I got for christmas last year, sausaged cooked in red wine and they were really really tasty.

I've been working from home today. Someone came to have a look of the house at 10.30 so I stayed here to take Moses out while they were looking around. There was someone else coming to have a look of it the house this afternoon so I thought I'd stay here rather than walking all the way into uni and back again. The lady who saw the house liked it and is coming back to see it with her husband next week....all we need is one person who wants to buy it, hopefully as soon as possible and as close to the asking price as possible!

I have been trying to think of something very witty to say/write but can't think of anything so I guess I better get back to reading a report of Young peoples physical activity participation in England in 2002.

PS: doesn't Moses look small in the picture?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It must be a sign...

Newcastle city swimming pools have saunas in them. I can't imagine living in a place where I can go to sauna pretty much whenever I want to (i.e. every other day when it is ladies day). For the last six years I have just about survived without saunas and really appreciating them when we go to Finland...but I am getting very very exited just with the thought that I can go to sauna every week if I want to.

I guess I am yet to see what they are like, but it sounds pretty good. And they mentioned in their instructions Finland quite a few times which is always an encouraing sign. As long as the sauna is hot I'll be happy. My previous experience of English understanding of a hot sauna (60) and the Finnish reality of a hot sauna (90++) differ by 30 degrees of celcius!

Swimming is one of the physical activities I really like. Probably because it doesn't really feel like exercise. For the last couple of years I haven't really swam that much because I have a very strong dislike for the chaning facilities that they have in the swimming pool in Plymouth (they are not nice at all, we had nicer changing rooms at school!) And I also find the English way of getting changed & showering very weird (what is it with taking your towel with you into the shower???) but that is a subject to a whole other blog.

So after having a look in the Newcastle city council's website about swimming pools I am very much encouraged. To start with they have more places to swim than in Plymouth but then 2 swimming pools is not that difficult to beat! As a student I can get a student recreation & swimming card (that doesn cost me money) but after tha I can go for a swim for a pound :)

Just on totally un-sauna-related of the things I am really looking forwards to is student discounts again...going to cinema for half the price, getting 10%-15% of in most shops...and especially discounted council tax! It was a shock after graduating and having to start paying full price for things, I think they should have some sort of gradual intergration to full price society after being a student. And what is even better having a scholarship is that I get paid to study (which I love) and I get student discounts (which I also love)

They even have a lovely old looking pool building that has the sauna suite in it. I think I am starting to count how many days is left before I can go to sauna :) Luckily it's not that long as we are going to Finland in the first week of September.

I can already feel my skin softening just by thinking about sauna (sauna is really good for cleansing your skin). You can find antyhing you want from the Finnish Sauna Society's website. For my part I just love sitting in a sauna and relaxing, one of the requirements for the next house we buy is that it is big enough for us to build a sauna in - and then you can all come and visit and try it for yourself!!!

But I am overflowing with seems like God is finally answering my prayers about having a sauna....being able to go to one is first step into having one of my own :)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Troubles with the milkman

The milkman usually comes faithfully 3am on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. So when we ran out of milk last night I didn't worry because I knew when we woke up tomorrow morning there would be a pint of milk waiting for us on the doorstep.

We woke up at 7am and David went to make a cup of tea & feed the pooch. To our disappointment there was no milk!!! The empty bottles were still on the doorstep so we concluded that the milkman hadn't been to our street this morning and wondered what had happened to him.

I went to have a shower and David walked up to the corner shop around the corner - I guess that's why it's called corner shop ;) only to find it closed. As you can't start a day without a cup of tea (and in England you can't have a cup of tea wihtout milk) my wonderful husband endured furhter and walked up to the newsagent further down the road and succeeded in getting some milk.

So the morning was saved and we had our cup of tea. David left to work around eight and to our surprise there was a pint of milk waiting for us at the doorstep! The only explanation I can think of is that our milkman is on holiday and another milkman is covering his round after his own.

So we have plenty of milk now :) I've been promising to make some banana custard for David for a while so I guess I've got no reason not to make it now. (I couldn't make it yesterday because we didn't have any milk!)

On another note...Wouldn't you want to buy this house??? I especially like the little owls sitting in the end of the bed :) Doesn't the kitchen look nice? And have you ever seen our house this tidy!!!!!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Snooring Moses

Moses has had very exiting week. Sally, the lady who llives across the street has taken him for a walk a couple of times and now when Moses sees her walking across the street he gets very exited. (Moses' favourite place to sit is in the bay window on a little box - he can see everything that is going on in the street)

On Wednesday he shredded his way through and ikea catalogue but didn't touch Laura Ashley one that was in the same place. On Thursday he had managed to get a gluestick off the table and chewed & eaten it. He was very hyper that evening...On Friday he only chewed through a ball point pen.

We went to Rosemoor yesterday. The road there is the curviest in the world. On the way back I thought we could try a different route to see if it had less 90 degree corners in it...unfortunately it didn't. On top of that it was only single track most of the way, but we saw some very pretty Devonshire thatced cottage villages and lovely views to north Dartmoor. I've definitely got a knack for finding obscure, little roads with beautiful views. In California, when we did out mammoth drive to see the redwoods with Katrin, I managed to direct us on to this dirt track over the mountains for some 40 miles...but the views were breathtaking and we saw a bear cub :)

At Rosemoor David finished a film that has been in my Canon for donkeys years. I can't remember when I've used it last time so it will definitely be a surprise to see what's on the film when we get it back. I snapped away with the little digital camera. David is planning to buy a serious digital camera when we sell the house and get rid of his nikon f100.

The house is on the market, so if you know anyone who want to buy a cute little 2 bed house in Plymouth send them our way please.

There was a crazy film on tv last night, it was called the peacemaker or something. It had George Clooney and Nicole Kidman in it. We had a good giggle over it, you couldn't take it seriously!

PS: Moses snoores...he can make quite a big noise for a little dog...I am gong to try to record it one time because it is very funny when he does that ;)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

On news and neighbours

These little penguins have been making hte headlines in the UK the last couple of days. Untill today when it is all about MI5, the cancelled flights and terrorist plot. We are just very happy Tony & co flew to Ukraine for their mission yesterday.

BBC do brilliant phot journals, recently they had one about a shoe-shine girl in Ethiopia.

In Finland the hunting season has begun today, wild wood pigeons/doves are first ones on the menu, later on this month the hunting season for ducks and other water birds starts and in September it's rabits.

I made our lady next, Dot, door cry this morning. I told her we were moving and she got very upset. It is quite sad, I'd be very surprised if we'll ever have as good neigbour as she has been. And it was nice that she said she was going to miss us.

Dot and lady across the road have asked if they could take Moses for a walk at lunchtimes - very sweet of them. Today is their first day...hopefully Moses will behave himself. The lady across the road goes and walks the dogs in a rescue home every day so I guess she knows what she is letting herself into.

We were thinking about our competetiveness yesterday and thought that it could be a reason why we enjoy married life...I want to beat David in fantacy football and he wants to finnish a killer su duko quicker than I do. Or it could just be that we got few more orphan spirit issues to sort out.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fantasy football

I've just about recovered from the overdose of football during the worldcup and now it is all starting again. Yesterday Arsenal had their first leg of champions league qualifier against Zagred. Tony had asked us over for dinner but what David forgot to mention was that they were planning to watch the match (I didn't even know it is on).

There is another match on tonight (Liverpool vs Magabe??? Haifa) but I am escaping that by going over to see Nicky :) And there are less than two weeks to the beginning of the premiership season.

Tony's work were all into fantasy football league last year (you get given x-amount of money and you need to make up a football team with that money and the one who gets most points over the football season is the winner). So we heard about it quite a lot.

David got exited about the idea and wanted to take part this year so Tony emailed us the details of the league (I think there are quite a few different ones). So I thought it can't be that difficult to make up a football team...

I have created a wonderful team called FC Lala. And my aim is to beat Tony's Little Ponies and Dave's Dynamites. I think my teams name is the most professional...I'm sure I'll get some extra points for that.

You get 'given' 10m (I think) and you need to buy 11 players and a manager with that. I got rather exited and bought Lampard, Gerrard, Terry, Reina, Cahill and Martin Jol (he is Tottenham manager and they did pretty well last season, nearly beat Arsenal, so he must be pretty good) as my manager and realised I hardly had any money to buy rest of the team :( So over the last couple of days I have been perfecting my team (i.e. swapping my brilliant expensive players I've heard of to some players whose names I've never heard before).

David showed me where to find the points each player collected last year (it's sounds pretty complicated, you get points for goals (as you would expect), goalie and defence get points for keeping a clean sheet and you get minus points for yellow & red cards etc) So I have been looking through all the cheap players to find which ones of them scored the most points last season and bought them. But I still got Gerrard, Cahill, Terry, Reina and Martin Jol so I think I've done pretty well.

The only problem with this is...I usually fall a sleep after the first 10 minutes of Match of the Day. How I am suppose to know which players are doing well and who are injured if I don't stay awake to watch them.

I've got a prayer request...that when we move to Newcastle David would make friends with someone who is really into football so I don't have to go and watch it in the pub too often - last year was brilliant, I don't think I went once thanks to Tony. I don't mind going sometimes but I am not as passionate about it as David & Tony are.

So I am afraid there might be occasional updates on how my team is doing against my rivals but I try to keep them to minimum...

Monday, August 07, 2006

Advice on driving in the moor

The weekend flew by as usual. Saturday we had nice lazy day, relaxed and did no DIY. In the evening we went to Paul and Nicky's for a BBQ which was wonderful. On Sunday there was no church (summerholidays) and they had organised a walk/crafts/picnic thing up in the moors. We were a bit tired and weren't sure how Moses would take to painting etc and opted for reading the Sunday times with a nice cup of tea and some freshly made scones instead.

In the afternoon we went and had lunch in the Warren House Inn in the middle of nowhere in Dartmoor with Tony. We had brilliant lunch as usual. I went for the sunday roast, you should have seen the size of hte yorkshire pudding :) David had a rabbit pie, which is really really tasty and Tony had steak and ale pie - also delicious.

We have had an unfortunate event with a pony in the moors once. We were driving back from Princetown (after an other excursion for a meal) late at night and it was full moon, after a blind summit/hill we were suddenly faced with pack of ponies and fauls. All apart from one escaped and we hit the unforutnate one. Thankfully we were going slowly - because we were admiring the moon - and the pony got up and run away. I think our little micra came off worse with a dent on the bonnet.

So in order to prevent anything similar happening to other people here is
my concise guide to animal behaviour in the moors
essential to remember everytime you are driving in Dartmoor:

1. sheep that is not eating grass is an accident waiting to happen
2. 5+ sheep together close to the road are a definite hazard, even if some of them are eating grass
3. sheep that is stading on a road can run to any direction, most likely towards you, so be aware
4. Lamb on an opposite sidew of the road to it's mum is just waiting for you to get close enough before crossing the road (I think they play dare)
5. Ponies are usually sensible but fauls are unpredictable
6. Similarly as point 4 for lambs, in the event of car approaching fauls want to be united with the mother on the opposite side of the road before the car passes
7. Sheep and ponies further than 5m away from the road are usually safe (exceptions points 4&6)
8. Cattle are always a hazard, never trust them, they are big, bulky and surpisingly fast (when they want to) and htey can do serious damage to your car
9. applies to all above animals: they love standing in the middle of the road and take long as possible to move
10. Also applies to all above animal types: they wait untill the opprtune moment untill stepping on the road i.e. when you are so close that you need to slam your brakes to avoid hitting them and there is an old Sunday driver coming from the opposite direction stopping you from overtaking the animal

Friday, August 04, 2006

The Lindsey household on Friday evening

We had the first estate agent to come and value the house and trying to convince us why we should choose them. Moses went totally mad (as he does when new people come and visit) so I think we will be taking him for a walk everytime a possible buyer comes to look at the house.

We've spent the last hour++ doing the killer su doku from the times. After distroying numerous greycells by trying to think we finally manage to solve it, how someone is suppose to do it in 55 minutes is beyond us! Maybe we just need more (loads more) practice.

The plan at the moment is to rent somewhere for a while when we go up to Newcastle while we are looking for a house to buy. However David has found a new project which he would rather do than find a job (the new project being the job). We saw someones house that was repossesed (suggestions on the spelling???) while we were in Middlesborough and it had been done up beautifully and David got very exited about the idea...

Also we are feeling sorry for Tony Blair (but will still vote for tories) - the guy can't even were a tie without people reading into it (there was a story in todays paper about him and his 'lucky' tie). Maybe he is just like the rest of us and wears clothes that he likes!

As it is Friday evening and we've been pretty busy this week - either tidying up or socialising - we are having an evening off doing su doku puzzles, drinking wine and maybe watching a film. Moses is creating annoying background noises with his squeeky bone but apart from that everything is very peaceful and relaxed :)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Have you seen this?

Anyone heard of square watermelons???? They apparently exist and they are hitting the British supermarkets in the autumn! To make them square farmers put a box around the melons when they are growing. Wouldn't it me more fun if they tried some obscure shapes like triangle, hexagon or heart ;)

Also I know Moses can be distructive but he is nothing compared to this dog!!!

Our week in the Scottish Borders

We had an amazing time. Weather was brilliant, it was sunny every day :) You don't really go to Scotland for a tan but ours definitely improved!!! Olly and Becky (David's bestman and his lovely wife) came to the cottage for the first weekend. We had fun, did a mammuth walk climbing up to two big hills/mountains. On the way down we got lost and took a little d-tour through some very prickly bushes for 20 minutes = very scrathed legs. After that we went to the local pub in Melrose and had a lovely lunch. And then we sat in the garden drinking tea, reading the sunday papers and eating biscuits :)

The week pretty much consisted of walking, eating, drinking, fishing (for David), sitting by a river reading a book (for me) and running up and down the riverbank (for Moses). Melrose is a lovely little town that has an ancient abbey, or ruins of one, lovely ice cream shop, excellent pub and couple of other nice shops. (I bought two very pretty blue ceramic mugs from a craft shop, and David didn't realise until afterwards that he had agreed to buy more mugs! He is on war against mugs, i.e. he thinks we have too many)

Overall we had very very relaxing time. We did do some walking...we did a long long one on Wednesday (I think) and climbed up couple of more huge hills - tiring but the views were amazing. Unfortunately Moses got blisters to his paws (we think it was the hot stones he stepped on) so we didn't do any more walking after that.

David got very exited about fishing and we did that on 3 evenings/afternoons. He didn't catch anything else than undersized trout but he is planning to go back (it's only 1.5 hours from Newcastle). As the weather was perfect I was very happy sitting by the river reading the times or books.

The cottage we had was really lovely. Wooden floors, big rooms and lovely old furniture. It was in the middle of nowhere and had bit of a garden so Moses was very happy running around.

We did quite a few drives, the countryside in the Borders is amazing. One of the drives we did went through a mountain pass and was incredible. Seeing so much beauty just makes me think how amazing God is to have created something so beautiful!

On Saturday we drove to Middlesborough to see Craig who we met in SOM. It was so nice to see him again, it's nearly a year since we saw him last time! We are really looking forwards to being closer to him. We had lovely time with Craig and his beautiful girlfriend Kerina. On Saturday evening we went to a chippy in a little coastal town. It was very amusing, it was very popular chippy and when we got there the queue was 20 or so people. And more was coming all the time. In the end they run out of fish...which I have never heard of before! But it was one of the best fish and chips I've ever had.

We went to their church on Sunday morning and it was really good fun. Haven't been to any other church than ours for a while and it was really refreshing to be in a different church.

On Monday we went to Newcastle, had a quick look around and I had a meeting with the uni people about starting dates etc. After that they took us out for a lunch. The campus is really nice, lots of old buildings, they even have an art gallery. We drove back to Plymouth via Gaenor and Rob (friends of ours who moved last weekend to just outside London). It was really lovely to see them and their new house. It did add some extra time and distance to the journey but it was worth it, it was really nice to see them and they seemed to appreciate it too.

So that's our time in Scotland in a nutshel. We are really looking forwards to being close to the Borders when we are up in Newcastle. It is long way up north...8+ hours drive!!!

The car worked well for the whole time. We even worked out a way to start it without opening a bonnet and touching the battery with a wire everytime we wanted use it. We did have a little episode with one of the rear electric windows - it refused to close. It was ok in the cottage having a window half open but not very good if you wanted to go anywhere else! David took the door to pieces to discover he can't fix it. We took it to a carage the following morning and the man just wiggled some wires and managed to close it! He seemed t think there was some sort of loose connection (which we'll need to get fixed)

PS: in the picture of Moses and me - I am not strangling him eventhough it looks like it.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

This was suppose to be about Scotland but it's not

I was going to add lots of photos and tell all about what happened on our holiday but for the last 15 minutes I have been waiting for blogspot thing to upload my photos and after all the waiting it failed to do it :( I'll try again tomorrow because it is bedtime and I am sleepy.

We've had couple of late nights in a row, Monday we were back in Plymouth past midnight because we stopped to say hello to Gaenor anr Rob in Amersham (they moved from Plymouth last weekend). And yesterday was Tony's birthday so we cooked him a lovely meal, I baked a huge cake (sponge cake filled with strawberries, cream and meringue) and we had people from church to come over after the meal and we all had some cake etc. It was really nice. It didn't start untill 9pm or so which meant that it was again midnight by the time we'd given couple of people lifts home, washed up etc.

Today ever since we came home we've been frantically cleaning the house. We've got some estate agents to come and have a look of it for evaluation over the weekend so we are trying to de-clutter it in the hope that it will look bigger & more amazing that way.

Hopefully I'll have some time tomorrow to tell all about the holiday.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

We are back

We are safely back in Plymouth after an amazing holiday. I'm running late for work - it was really hard getting up this morning, didn't get back to P untill 1am :( I'll/we'll do a proper update of all the exitement of the holiday later but here is a pic to give you a taster of the wonders of Scotland.

PS. It is Tony's birthday today :) He is brilliant! (he saves me from having to accompany David to the pub to watch football regurlary) so
Happy Birthday Tony!!!!!