Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A very expensive date

So we are back from Wimbledon. Very tired but happy. Provided that we can get tickets from the ballot it is going to be our annual date. We got up earlish, drove to Southmapton and got the train into London/Wimbledon. We missed a train by couple of second which wasn't too good and I got rather annoyed by it, which was even worse.

Just a passing comment - Moses was snoring and barking in his dream (which is very funny) -and he managed to wake himself up by doign that ;)

The weather was schorching (hmm....spelling????) hot. We watched some juniors mathces on the outside courts while munching our sandwhiches and then headed to the court number one. Our tickets were for seats for quite high up but it was actually quite good as it meant that we didn't need to sit in the boiling sun for the whole day.

Hewitt match was good, 4 sets. Mauresmo wasn't too exiting so we dissapeared to find a=some food and to drink some Pimms after the first set. The last match we had was Nadal vs some georgian guy. It started really well but the georgian had a flair for the theatrical and also bit of a temper so in the end he was acting a bit like a clown.

I love the athmosphere is Wimbledon, it is very relaxed and friendly. Everyone is nicely dressed and polite. And you get to watch some good tennis. It really is an institution rather than a just a tennis match...very english! In a nutshell it is a lovely day out.

On the way back we thought it would be nice to go the the river (Thames) and have some dinner before heading back. So we went to the tube station along with thousands of other people. On top of that there were some technical problems (i.e. brokendown train) in earl's court on the distric line. So two hours later we arrived our destination just to find out that pizza express was about to close and they only did takeaways. So we ordered two pizzas and ate them by the river.

We didn't get back to Woodlands/David's parents untill very very late = 2am. I had to be in this conference for work today so we had to get up early as well. Moses had had a lovely time with David's mum, helping her to do some gardening...digging and eating plants pots!

I didn't get to my conference untill lunchtime. It was better than I expected and the lunch was good :) It was all about older people in rural areas, but I won't bore you with more of that because you have done really well to read my ramblings this far!

Germany have just crashed out of the world cup! Beaten by Italy 2-0, both goals in the dying minutes of the match.

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