Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sweet news story

I love it when there is something really lovely and sweet in the news. The news usually are dominated by so much of the terrible things that are going on that it can be quite depressing to read them sometimes.

Usually the local news are a bit better, especially down here in teh westcountry where all sorts of funny things end up in the news ranging from animals to tallships. They are usually much more heart warming than the standard news. I don't think much happens down here so they make news of anything that is a bit exiting!

BBC news website is brilliant but their stories often are not the warm fuzzy type - partly probably because most of the things that happen are not always the warm fuzzy type things. However today there was the loveliest little story of a lollypop man (the man who stops the traffic so that kids can go to school) who needed a knee operation and someone who had driven past him had offered to pay him to get his knee fixed in a private hospital.

It is so nice to hear that people do still actually care about each other even though there is no selfish gain involved in them helping others :)

PS: Moses has been naughty this morning. I made some egg sandwiches for us for lunch and while I was upstairs getting ready (after making the sandwiches) i heard this big crash downstairs...Moses had jumped up agains the worktop with his paws on the edge and had started licking the bowl where the eggs had been - unfortunately the bowl didn't stay there and went crashing on the floor. Moses knows when he has been naughty and the moment he dropped the bowl he went running to hide under the kitchen table looking very very quilty!

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