Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Puppyproofing the house

Something I never thought about doing before was puppyproofing the house (a bit like babyproofing draws etc). But it has come vital part of my morning routine unless I want to return to scenes like this when I come home in the afternoon:

He has discovered how get stuff down from the worktops, the problem is you can't tell him off unless you catch him in the act! This particular time he had managed to get a lettuce (the whity green shreds on the foreground) that we had forgotten to put away in the morning as well as bar of butter (we think that's the reason why his coat is so shiny!). Another time he had managed to get hold of a cucumber and was munching that very happily - and I thought dogs were carnivours...

Today was the first day we had left the door to the living room and dining room open when we left the house. Moses likes sitting in the window and being the nosy neighbour. So we thought it would be nice if he could do that while we are out of the house.

Over the weekend we had a big cleanout and removed things that Moses would eat, chew or otherwise destroy. So this morning when I was about to leave to work I went through the whole room, making sure anything that was on the table was out of the pooches reach if he decided to jump up against it. Also moving plants and things to places where he couldn't eat them. It took me good 10 minutes to go through the house and make sure there was nothing destroyable at sight/reach of Moses. Last week he went through a phase of pulling books of the bookcase and tearing them to shreds (unfortunately we haven't got anywhere to move them so we just need to make sure the books we like least are on the bottom shelf)

...and the miracle happened, he had not managed to destroy anything while I was away!!! There is some hope of Moses turning from puppy to a wellbehaved dog...

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