Friday, July 07, 2006

On good neighbours

We have a brilliant neighbourh. She is called Dot and she has lived in the house next door for 40 odd years (not as long as Eric who lives two doors along and has lived in the same house since he was six, he is going on 70+++ now and he is very lovely as well).

Dot calls us the kids and we are by far (20 years or so) the youngest people living on the street. When we first moved in, we only had 3 chairs and 4 pairs of knives and forks. So if we had more than 3 people around we regurlarly knocked on her door asking if we could borrow some chairs and cutlery.

She also waters my garden if we go away which is very nice of her. Last year when we were away last summer Eric was looking after my strawberries (=eating them) and has been asking for the last month if we are planning to go away this summer so he can do the same again.

Dot is brilliant, there has been various occasions when we are cooking or something and we are just one indegredient short so we knock on her door and ask if she has the desired indegredient. So far she hasn't failed us! I think we'll need to buy her big bunch of flowers when we move because she is truly amazing. And we will really miss her!

Yesterday David was cooking a curry and after starting we realised we didn't have any onions so David went and knocked on her door asking for onion at 9 o'clock in the evening (we took the pooch for a walk and didn't start cooking untill 8.30) asking for an onion. Dot had an onion and our curry was saved. It was really tasty red parsee chicken curry, nice, hot and very flavourful.

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