Sunday, July 09, 2006

No more sport...

We are in dispair...after the football world cup final there is not going to be any sport on for a month (untill the premiership starts) apart from Tour de France. For the last month David (=me=us) have been engrossed in the exitement of the football and tennis.

The Wimbledon final was good. And hopefully the worldcup will be brilliant too, the sad thing is we are going to have withdrawal symptoms of not being able to hear Lineker & co talking about football.

Some good news, we've booked a holiday for the summer :) we are going to Scotland for a week. We've hired this cute cottage in the Scottish borders. For the last seven years David has been telling me how amazing time he had up there when he was a kid and how beautiful it is up there.

We had been thinking of going somewhere abroad but because David's parents have sailed to France for the next three weeks we can't go anywhere without the dog. They are happy for us to have dog with us in this cottage but we had to pay extra tenner for that priviledge.

It's been quite cold and miserable here today, the sun is finally shining now but the weather forecast doesn't look too promising for the week -- hevy rain tomorrow :( We took the dog for a walk in the morning. It was raining and the only other people out at 9am in rainy Sunday are other mad dog people. Moses had good fun chasing this other puppy by the river but the other puppy was into swimming rather than playing with Moses. It was fun wathcing them, Moses does like water but he doesn't go in any deeper than his tummy.

Tony is over to watch the football and we are going to have roast chicken :) I think the panel here seems to think that France are going to win it...we'll see. Moses doesn't care, he is happily chewing his bone.

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