Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I have been offered a PhD studentship in Newcastle University which is exiting :) I had my interview yesterday and it was really really short (25 minutes) which was a bit disconserting, pretty much all the other interviews I've done before have been around 40 minutes or so. So I walked away thinking that they eihter hated me or loved me and luckily it turns out that they loved me :)

I took the train up there on Sunday afternoon, it is a very long journey! Most definitely extreme north (of England anyway) There was a problem with the train and in Birmingham they bungled all the people from two trains together in a train that was shorter than either one of the original. It doesn't really take genious in maths to work out that this means chaos. Luckily for me, I happened to be standing next to a man (who was sitting down) who left at the next station and he gave his seat to me some 10 minutes before we got to the next station - I think he wanted to make sure that he got our rather than got stuck in the train. And the airconditioning was working so it wasn't actually too bad at all...

I got to Newcastle 9.30PM and got a taxi to the halls of residence where they had booked a room for me to stay in. It was quite amusing, my first ever experience of sleeping in halls. My room was ok, a bit small and very studenty but I slept well :) In the evening I had bit of God time and tried to think of what to say in the interview tomorrow. I had to give 5 minute talk about a research project I've been involved with and the contributions I had made to it. That was actually quite nice topic and I could have talked about it for much longer than 5 minutes. In my interview in Leeds I had to do a proper presentation about introduction to research methods for 10 minutes - not enjoyable.

My interview was at 9am so I wondered down there in good time. I had to ask way from these two workmen and luckily they understood me and I understood them. I was interviewed by these 4 ladies who all seemed very nice.

After the interview I had little time to potter around so I walked to the city centre, admired the neo-classical architecture and had a look of the shopping centre. To my greatest delight, they had John Lewis there...that will be a heaven after living in Plymouth with no good shops for 6 years!!! My next thing to do is to find out if they have a waitrose there because waitrose does the best cooking chocolate there is...hmmm....that's probably not the top priority....better try again...So the next thing to do is to get ourselves sorted, sell the house and find a j0b for David.

Totally unrelated comment: Moses has a new hobby in the mornings. Because it has been so hot, I've been watering the garden in the morning and the evening. When I do it I usually open the front door (to get the hose out) and leave it open because there is a nice breeze. Moses likes seeign what's going on, so he goes and sits at the gate and sticks his nose through it. There are quite a lot of kids who walk past our house on the way to school and quite a few of them have started stopping at the gate and giving Moses some cuddles on their way...very sweet & Moses seems to enjoy it! (can I write a blog entry without mentioning Moses? probably not, he is far too lovely to be left out!)

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Joyce said...

well, at first, I thought "moses" was a pet name..or nickname for David...but I'm hoping that isn't the case! :)
congradulations on the PhD-ship!! that sounds exciting!!
and of course they loved you...who wouldn't!!
So where is this place (please explain as if talking to an ignorant american...cuz u are!)
I'm planning a trip to UK have to plan you in!
love yall